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Saturday, May 9, 2009

ADULT ARCOBALENO + KHR 240 + how to save music from YouTube

got this pic from Chibi's Blog

i got this pic from another site... it's larger and it's the full view... but i hate the jagged lines... =.=

okay... there's Skull on the left most... he(she? XP) is a punk! XD

then there's Reborn!! uwah! cool eyes man!

then... COLONNELLO!!! =3 OMG!!! Colonnello looks so cool here!

Fon is next! he looks exactly like Hibari! so he's that I-Pin's master!

Verde at the back there!~ he gives of the typical scientist type of aura... (he reminds me of Stein from Soul Eater,somehow...)

and then there's Viper/Mammon! SHE??? she's a girl?? O_O

Okay... i dunno how to translate her name... Ru-Chi-E... Luce? anyways... she's Uni's mother i guess... no!!! Uni's 'mother' has brown hair!!! not blue(green in anime) like Uni's!!!! so UNI IS AN ARCOBALENO?! no... pregnant???

@_@ okay... i'm gonna faint cause my brain will overwork soon!~
and so it'll be like this~

Reborn - Sun
Collonnello - Rain
Fon - Storm
Viper - Mist
Skull - Cloud
Verde - Lightning
Luce - Sky

Ugh! i think there will be an arc on Arcobaleno soon! after seeing this picture, it's confirmed!!! gah~ but i can't wait too long to find out the truth of Uni's identity!~

read the latest chapter of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (chapter 240)
ohohoho!~ Yamamoto!!!
=.= but... why do i see bandages...???!!!

their Vongola Box Weapons revealed!!!

Hibari has got his hedgehog's spikes improved. ._.

Chrome has got an improved spear(what do you call that weapon of Chrome/Mukuro???)... and i think that owl's wings changed a little too eh?

okay... Lambo is riding on that bull of his...
and then Gokudera's Uri has got some (leopard)spots, but not covering the whole body...

and... Tsuna's... OMG! so cute!!! o.o but i don't know what is that animal... ._.

Ryohei...i think he got a cannon(? i don't know... i'm just guessing.) for Kangaryuu...O_O (is it supposed to match his MAXIMUM CANNON?._.)

YAMAMOTO!!!! =3 is it a dog? i don't know... looks like one fluffy animal.. with SWORDS!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

can't wait for the next chapters!!! ♥.♥

okay... now... here's how i download musics from YouTube...(you know, those OST and opening and ending songs...) it's handy when download links are not provided...

the programmes needed are Vdownloader (or any alternative that can download videos...) and Format Factory (or any other alternative programmes that can convert file's format). [Vdownloader and Format Factory can be downloaded here.]

first, go to Youtube and search for any music you want to download.... say, i want to download Synchronicity by FictionJunstion Keiko...(i'm downloading it for Chien Yee XP)

(Sakura look so cool here! *o*)

okay... copy the link!!!

then open Vdownloader!~

paste the link and click download! (i always like to save them as AVI)
save them anywhere you like~

downloading the video and saving it as AVI file~

after it has finished downloading... open Format Factory!

click on "All to MP3" under "Audio" (i prefer MP3 formats compared to others)

click "add file" and then select the video file... "ok"

then, click the start button and start converting the file!~

after finish downloading, go to the "Output Folder" and play it!~ =3

PS-the quality is the same as the video's... so pick a high quality one!

haha... i know... that was one troublesome way to download... but that's a good way for my computer because my computer is infested with virus and i can't download things directly and quickly...

but i think this might be handy also when download links are not provided or the music is licensed ;D (i downloaded Again by Yui using this method because i can't find it anywhere! even Gendou don't have it!)

if anyone knows an easier way, do tell me about it!~ =3 thanks in advance yo!

gotta go study for Mid-Year Exam! Ja~

credits:Santouryuu + Roz


SJ_75 said...

Cool!Most boxes are just modified,but Tsuna and Yamamoto's boxes are alright.

Ay Ike Jay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amani R said...


this link goes the same way to download some stuff from other video


-ying- said...

gosh!!! i didn't know bout such handy site!!! O.O thanks lots!!! =3

but i still cant download properly... >.> (since the site provides download links after everything...)
mou... why must the computer torture me!!!

KHR lover :3 said...

Luche (the sky arcobaleno) is the mother of Aria--the one who gave Tsuna the sky arcobaleno test(anime)--and Aria is the mother of Uni, that makes Luche Uni's grandmother and all sky arcobalenos are believed to see the future(it is slowly vanishing) and have a short lifespan and yes...she is pregnant with Aria there
Viper/Mammon's identity is still unknown
Tsuna-Nuts/Natsu (lion)
Gokudera-G. (flame) Arrow
Yamamoto-Jirou (dog which carries 4 swords)
Chrome-Devil Spectacles
Ryohei-still unknown at the moment
thank you for reading this comment :3

-ying- said...

lol! thanks for the infos yahs! =D

and btw, i think Ryohei's vongola box weapon is that cannon... i dont see any new animals or something... and Kangaryuu can even do that Cambia Forma or something and change its shape into a boxing glove... so i think his Vongola Box is just an upgrade for Kangaryuu... how about it? strange eh? i don't know if i'm right or wrong though... my memories has gone haywired nowadays and i cant remember things correctly... >.>

Anonymous said...

Luce is the mother of Aria and Aria is the mother of Uni

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