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Saturday, September 10, 2011

KHR Complete CD Box: New Songs [comments + download links]

Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box
(Official Character Song Complete Works・Ultimate CD Box)

★ a complete compilation of all the 77 CharaSongs released
★ 6 theme song cover done by Reborn! casts/seiyuu by request
- Canvas [Reborn & Tsuna]
- Famiria [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei]
- ONE NIGHT STAR [Hibari & Mukuro]
- Yume no Manual [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
- Funny Sunny Day [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
- gr8 story [Byakuran & Irie]

★ 27 songs from the previous releases now have a karaoke/instrumental version in 2 discs
★ a total of 110 songs in 8 discs

Product Number: PCCG.01177
Scheduled Release Date: 07 September 2011
Price: ¥ 6,090 (¥ 5,800 including tax)

check out the full post on this here... but actually, it's just the first half of it, cause the rest are my other ramblings XD but i posted the complete song listing there~~

Download & Stream mp3:

Canvas [Reborn & Tsuna]
by: Neeko & Kokubun Yukari
originally by: +plus
download: Mediafire | 4shared

Famiria [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei]
by: Ichinose Hidekazu & Inoue Suguru & Kiuchi Hidenobu
originally by: D-51
download: Mediafire | 4shared

ONE NIGHT STAR [Hibari & Mukuro]
by: Kondo Takashi & Iida Toshinobu
originally by: ARROWS
download: Mediafire | 4shared

Yume no Manual [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
by: Inamura Yuuna & Yoshida Hitomi & Takeuchi Junko & Chiang Li Mei
originally by: CHERRYBLOSSOM
download: Mediafire | 4shared

Funny Sunny Day [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
by: Takahashi Hiroki & Fujiwara Yuuki & Yuzawa Koichiro
originally by: SxOxU
download: Mediafire | 4shared

gr8 story [Byakuran & Irie]
by: Ohyama Takanori & Toyonaga Toshiyuki
originally by: SuG
download: Mediafire | 4shared
(i got both their names wrong in the artist info... it's in the form of given name before the surname... i usually stick to surname first ~_~ the others are right... cause i'm always confused about this two... =3= but only for the file downloaded from mediafire, cause i update it before uploading to 4shaed...XD)

vs Mirai no Oozora e
this is from the Rebocon Blue~
download: Mediafire | 4shared

i'd die if i were to stop here... it's bad to hold back your words XB i'ma ramble on my comments for the songs~~~ i lazy to change the order of the codes i just pasted... so~ it's in alphabetical order XD

Canvas (Reborn & Tsuna ver)
homg! Tsuna's voice sounds so damn soothing... ~_~ but not Reborn's though ~_~ Neeko's voice work better for songs of lower range, that's what i think~ XB anyways, i think Tsuna's voice is really suited for this song! X3 it gives a totally different feel to the song~ somewhat~ the song originally felt soothing, this version is too... but it's just different~~~ damn, i want the instrumental to this version badly~ cause it got tuned up a little~ the original is a bit too low for me to sing =( but one more thing, there are too few solo lines... (?) ._. all and all, it's not really surprising, it's like what i've expected~


Famiria (Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei ver)
XB~~~ My Yamamoto's in here~~~ anyways~ it's not VERY different from the original, just that the original singer for this sounds very gentle and soft~ i love it~ Ryohei brought someone a rougher feel to this song... but it's still nice~ but it's not VERY awesome either~ but i wanna say~ all three of them sound so damn nice~ and harmonious! especially when they sing together!~~~ but it didn't really surprise me, this song, Canvas too... =(

but look on the bright side, Yamamoto said "aishiteru" =DDD you don't know what i did when i heard that... i practically melt on the table... i had my earphone plugged in and... i knew that line was coming and to Yamamoto was singing it! homg! i melted!!! melted into a blob of liquid!!!


Funny Sunny Day (Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria ver)
for some reason, when i played all the 7 songs, my lappie chose to play this song first~ (it's set in shuffle mode, i too lazy to change it XD) Squalo's "VOOOOIII" left a huge impression on me, and i labeled this song as a song that got VOOOIII-ed XD!!! it cracked me up, i dunno why XD and and! you know what, i can't really differentiate Bel's and Lussu's voice properly... o.o i mean, if Lussu were to rid off his weird and sudden slide to hit a note at the end of phrase (i don't think i made any sense there... but i dunno how to put it... o.o) it makes him sound bitchy~ just like Lussu~ i still remember Rebocon II! he's an awesome performer and singer! he's really awesome! he makes a good cameraman too XD i like Bel's voice too, i mean... he's hot... ~w~ Squalo's voice's not hot... but Takahashi Hiroki is... ~w~ he looks so damn hot in Rebocon II *starts emo-ing cause i have only watched the first two Rebocon* i have no right to claim myself as KHR #1 fan

all in all, i love this!~ i liked this song~ very catchy! i especially love the guitar... but hey! isn't this an opening song?! *realization just slapped me in the face* hey! this is the only opening used for seiyuu's cover! OAO! anways~ the 3 different voices gave this song a different feel and texture to it! and the guitar for this song is still as awesome as ever!~ XB! and their random "Voooiii!", "Ushishishi" and "Ohohoho" made it interesting~


gr8 story (Byakuran & Irie ver)
hou, mai, faking, gawd! THISH SHONG ISH MAI FAVOURITE DESHU! this is the 2nd song my lappie played for me... the intro sounds different, and shocked me a lil' cause it sounds pretty different and i heard Byakuran... o.o and my whole face was flushed when i heard Irie... homfg! he's super hot.... super hot... *echo* super hot... *echo again* super hot... their speeh or rap or whatever it is, ish SUPER EXTREMELY HOT!!!!

*pant pant* their singing are, like usual, awesome~ but no matter what, i hate Byakuran's voice... i don't know why... he got so many more part in the first half compared to my Irie... even when my Irie (yes, i made him mine! don't snatch, grrrr!) sounds so much more hotter... soo much more.. umm, hotter... so damn much more hotter! *melts* and trust me, when they sing together, it's as though i can only hear Irie~ XB~ but all in all~ their duet is nice~ and i'd like to add, that this song has the most effort in the lie distribution... say, for all the other songs, the lines are distributed like this: together and solo, maybe with abit of chorus in the bacground... but you see, gr8 story has, solo lines, some with chorus in background, and there are some duet parts where one takes the melody~ to me, this type of overlapping of lines seems more interesting to me~ and i totally loved it!~~

BUT!!!! BEST OF ALL!!! IS THE ENDING! THE "order-made no gr8 story" homfg! THAT ISH FACKING EXTREMYELY SUPER HOT!!! bloodd will flush my face and i will melt... EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR THAT LINE!!! no matter how many times i loop the 7 songs...that line is still damn hot... *flushed* i know, i'ma pervert... ~_~


ONE NIGHT STAR (Hibari & Mukuro ver)
when i heard this son for the first time, the original one i mean... i thought the song was one boring and monotonous song... and it's damn slow... ~_~ but, with Hibari and Mukuro singing, it somewhat sounds very much better than the original... o.o no, i'm not biased~ it's because it's the re-do of the song that results to that~ XB and and~ their voices Kondo and Iida's voices are totally suited for this song~ man, i love Kondo's deep voice~ X3 i don't really like Iida's ~_~ but their duet, like usual, ish awesome~ but frankly, their Sakura Addiction is better~ or maybe it's because of the melody...? anyways, not much to comment other than that, since, both of them are pretty much the same with how they used to sing and all~ they are good!~ XB

(and one of my friend, Chien Yee, said that they sounded hot... o.o i didn't think so leh... o.o maybe their hot-ness got owned by gr8 story, cause i heard that song first... XD or second? XD)


vs Mirai no Oozora e (Rebocon BLUE)
i heard it once, i think... but only for a few seconds... cause i heard it via my old lappie and it overheated... since i streamed from YT... and i'm worried about my internet quota =(

anyways, i thought this version was pretty shocking! i mean, the original was like so upbeat, how can it be so cool, with adjustments to the tune ~_~ to the same song and melody, homfg! and the guitar is awesome!!! (i often pay attention to the guitar, i dunno why XD) at first i didn't know who was the girl singing the 2nd verse, but when i checked for the lyrics and found it at LJ, Kokusho Yukari's~ i found out that it was Uni! WTF?! i was like, WTF?! homfg! she sound totally different! she sounded so damn cool! and i swear i didn't know that Reborn's solo part, was Reborn's! i told you, Reborn is much more suited for songs of lower range! she soun super cool! XB! she doesn't sound forced at all! super cool! i still remember a Reborn Homeroom i watched when Neeko voiced a super low voice, i forgot who, but it was super awesome~ Yoshida Hitomi too~~~ she's super cool to, at the Homeroom vid~

anyways, i drifted so damn far away~ all in all, vs Mirai no Oozora e is totally different from Mirai no Oozora e~ i'd prefer if they made it a all-antagonist version of it~ feat voices from Millefiore, Varia, Kokuyo and the Funeral Wreaths~ without Tsuna and co~ i'm evil wahahaha~


Yume no Manual (Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin ver)
i dunno why, but i'm shocked when i first heard Lambo singing the first line... XD not the ngative one, it's pretty much a positive surprise~ *tries very hard to not imagine Naruto XD* joking joking~ i hoped it was adult I-pin instead of I-Pin... X_X but is it me, or Kyoko's singing improved a lot? i used to think that Haru's singing was much much better and more powerful... o.o but now, they are about the same~ XB and at some point, i couldn't differentiate Haru and Lambo... X_X the part they sing together, i mean, they are really harmonious together that i couldn't tell who is who... @_@ but i think that I-Pin improved alot! she used to sound frigging annoying when singin with that voice... but it got better o.o somewhat... or is it just me~ i'm loving Lambo's slightly husky voice~ all in all, it's a pretty interesting remake of Yume no Manual~ a little different from CHERRYBLOSSOM's~ =D


aye~ that's all!~~~ jaja~ wish me luck for mai inerview tomorrow~


Ze said...

Arigato ^_^
Famiria and One night star are awesome i like it <3

Usagichan96 said...

Funny Sunny Day is definitely my favorite. There is this one part where Lussuria's voice goes high and its so lovely~

Elly Qistina (Sakura) said...

Thank you for the awesome link! Love you lots! Anyways, hoping if there's a full download link for everything in the collection. :) Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you veeeeeeeery much


KarasuHibari said...

Waaahh~ Thank you for sharing! I'm fangirling in the middle of night because of this^^

Train said...

Sankyuu for the link, Ying-san!

Anonymous said...

But. nuuuu Sho-chan is mine. BU
His voice. OMG. I died over and over when I first heard it. And when they both say "Order-made no Gr8 Story", I nearly fainted.
Best Song Ever. :D

-ying- said...

OAO! you guys made my day! it's one of the rare times i get so many comments!!! X3

@Ze - no probs!!~

@Usagichan96 - XB! i wanna see Lussu in Rebocon again!!! he's super awesome!!!

@Elly Qistina (Sakura) - naw~ don't mention it, it's the joy of sharing!~ ^O^~~i will post if i have the full one... but perhaps not the older song though >_<

@Anonymous - dou itashimashite desu~ XB

@KarasuHibari - XD! same thing happened to me when i first found the links! XD

@Train - omg! first time i'm called ying-san! XD thank YOU~ XD

@Anonymous#2 - no no no! it's the hottest song ever... *nosebleeds and faints again* we shall take turns to own irie then! OAO! or shall we battle it out? XD