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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vongola Rings!!!

The grand Vongola Emblem!!!

Presenting the informations on Vongola rings!!! from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! <--- my favourite anime XD

Vongola Rings
Seven invaluable rings worn by the seven core members of the Vongola Family. During every new generation, the rings are passed on to the seven next worthy members of the family, proving they belong to the Vongola Family.

During the tenth generation, each of the rings were shown to have been split in half for the 2 groups (Tsuna's family and the Varia; 14 people). Each person who wore half a ring were to battle the opposing member, who wore the corresponding half, in order to become a core member. By the end of the Vongola Tournament, all the rings were in the possession of Tsuna's Family.

During the future, it is revealed that the adult Tsuna had destroyed the Vongola Rings for unknown reasons, but speculation is that he did it in order to prevent further bloodshed.

According to Reborn, when crisis hits the family, the Sky must gather all six of his guardians in order to triumph over the predicament.

The rings are capable of emitting a Dying Will Flame; a different colored flame for each of the main rings. The higher the purity of the flame, the more clear it will appear, and the more power it can draw out from the characteristics of its attribute.

All the rings have a crest which corresponds to the ring's type of weather. The Ring of Sky, however, only has a clear dome and the Vongola Family crest underneath it.

The characteristics of the first Vongola members are carved into the rings.

Ring of the Sky (Orange flame): Worn by the Vongola Boss. The sky; one that colors and engulfs everything.
Ring of Rain (Blue flame): The rain; one that washes away everything.
Ring of Storm (Red flame): The wind; one that fiercely blows away everything.
Ring of Cloud (Purple flame): The floating cloud; one that cannot be caught and goes its own way.
Ring of the Sun (Yellow flame): The sun; one that illuminates the sky.
Ring of Mist (Indigo flame): The illusion; one that cannot be captured.
Ring of Thunder (Green flame): The lightning; one that harshly strikes everything.

Besides the seven main rings, there are several miscellaneous rings which possess different abilities. Each ring can be categorized into one of the main Vongola Rings (i.e. Ring A is a Sky type, Ring B is a Rain type, Ring C is a Storm type, etc.). Each ring also has a purity grade (the highest being A, however, the main rings have a purity grade of above A, just like the Arcobaleno's pacifiers) in order to determine the power of the ring: the lower the grade, the weaker the power of the ring. The rings also have different flame colors, each one corresponding with the original flame colors of the main rings.

(all informations from Wikipedia)

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