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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Album Song "Red" ~famiglia~ [cover+information+lyrics links+download links]

Character Album
SONG "RED" ~famiglia~


01. RIGHT NOW - Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil
by Kokubun Yukari & Terasaki Yuka
download link | lyrics

02. YELL - Gokudera Hayato
by Ichinose Hidekazu
download link | lyrics

03. Ame no Message - Yamamoto Takeshi
by Inoue Suguru
download link | lyrics

04. Destiny - Reborn
by Neeko
download link | lyrics

05. Mata Ashita - Sasagawa Ryohei
by Kiuchi Hidenobu
download link | lyrics

06. Tatta Latta - Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin & Chrome Dokuro
by Inamura Yuuna & Yoshida Hitomi & Takeuchi Junko & Chiang Li Mei & Akesaka Satomi
download link | lyrics

07. Be More - Dino
download link | lyrics

08. Akashi - Hibari Kyoya
by Kondo Takashi
download link | lyrics

nee~~ if there's any broken links or whatever... just tell me! thanks in advance desu! X3


Anonymous said...

Awesome...sadly..I like gokudera's this time....(Why does it seem like I want to hate him?) Oh well. I still loved Tsuna's!...with Basil...The yaoi fan girls are going to go crazy over that...bad thing bad thing bad thing!

-ying- said...

lol~ i'm one of the yaoi fangirls~ Tsuna X Basil~~~~~ X3

Yamamoto Yuki said...

thanks, I got the link to download the whole album but I lost it

-ying- said...

@yamamoto yuki - X3 arigatou~ you can always download form me here

Anonymous said...

thanks very much <333 *OO* thanks for posting up the blue album too

-ying- said...

X3 it's my pleasure! SPREAD THE LOVE OF KHR!~

Anonymous said...

Just taking Dino's track. They finally gave him one (yay!). About damn time - Kenn's a damn good singer.

HiNaGiKu said...

kunichiwa mina

HiNaGiKu said...

yeah ur right

Vean Chin said...

Wow~finnally find the lyrics of the song~thx^^

XxSawadaRsunayoshixX said...

you should have add all khr if nott then i understand

XxSawadaRsunayoshixX said...

all i mean is u should have add al character songs

Thandie Joy Sacopla said...

Everything is not downloading