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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vongola Rings!!! version 2

The Vongola Emblem!

these are the informations i collected through the fan-subbed anime in Crunchyroll.
name of the ring (the name of the ring in Japanese)
- description
- duty
- characteristics; attribute description

Ring of Sky (Oozora no Ring)
- colourful and engulfing everything, open up to all things
- Sun, Thunder, Storm, Rain, Mist and Cloud. It is the destiny

- unknown; The rarest of flames, it allows the user to be capable of using boxes of any type.

Ring of Rain (Ame no Ring)
- the merciful shower that washes all away

- the requeim rain that cleanses the battlefield and washes averything away
- tranquility; It can extinguish the flames of others.


Ring of Storm (Arashi no Ring)
- the turbulent gale that fiercely blow
- being a surging storm, perpetually at the core of any attack
- degeneration; It can disintegrate and/or disassemble a substance.


Ring of Cloud (Kumo no Ring)
- the draifting cloud that is never trapped by anyone and walks its own path
- be the solitary, noble, floating cloud that protects the Family while taking an independent stance without being bound by anything

- propagation; It can "feed" on the flames of others, making its own stronger.

Ring of Mist (Kiri no Ring)
- the illusion that prohibits knowledge of its own nature

- confusing enemy by making nothing into something, and something into nothing, not allowing them to see the Family - the illusion of deception
- deception; This is the flame of Illusion, used for tricking the mind and harming the body.It can also conceal the user or help detect enemies.


Ring of Sun (Hane no Ring)
- the orb of fire that brightens the great sky
- breaking down adversity against the Family with their bodies and becoming the bright Sun
- activation; It can "activate" or "jump-start" anything as well as speed up its progress; useful for healing purposes.


Ring of Thunder (Kaminari no Ring)
- the thunderbolt that strikes a zealous blow

- not only becoming the lightning that damages the enemy, but becoming the lightning rod that accepts all damage towards the family and destroys it
- solidification; Its flames can solidify and carry properties of electricity.

the Vongola Rings:
top - Cloud, Thunder, Sun
middle - Rain, Mist, Storm
bottom - Sky


Vongola Ring Guardians:

from left - Rokudo Mukuro (Chrome Dokuro), Lambo, Gokudera Hayato, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto Takeshi, Sasagawa Ryohei, Hibari Kyoya.

Each guardian can change their resolve into Dying Will Flame of different colours; also depending on their attributes...>.0 there are altogether 7 attributes, therefore there are also 7 different colours just exactly like the colours of the rainbow...XD (typical; to connect 7 colours to rainbow)
Red - Storm
Orange - Sky
Yellow - Sun
Green - Thunder
Blue - Rain
Indigo - Mist
Violet - Cloud

The boxes that the guardians use. The boxes are used together with the Rings and Dying Will Flame.


THIS IS NOT UPDATED SINCE 2008!! SO I HAVE NOT UPDATED A WHOLE LOT OF THINGS HERE... I MIGHT BE POSTING ANOTHER ONE ON THE RINGS' INFO BUT NOT SO SOON... (meh... i doubt anyone will actually read my blog... =.=' most of my readers are just passerby who accidentally googled this blog...) BUT I'VE POSTED SOMETHING ABOUT THE NEW VERSION OF THE RINGS HERE


BUT IF YOU ARE LIVING IN SINGAPORE OR BY ANY CHANCE HAPPEN TO VISIT SINGAPORE, IT'LL BE EASIER! I BOUGHT A COUPLE OF VONGOLA RINGS OVER THERE AND EVEN BOUGHT SOME OTHER ANIME MERCHANDISE. I BOUGHT THEM FROM Otaku House. chibi gave the addresses to me. Otaku House is some where in Iluma, Plaza Singapore and Suntec City Mall. i bought different stuff from those 3 places... so... there's that...


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psyfaqs111 said...

I love the Anime and watch the new ones when it comes out.
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