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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Arcobaleno means rainbow in Italy. but in this case, what i mean is the 7 chosen 'babies' in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! the following informations are extracted from Reborn!'s characters article.

'Arcobaleno' means 'rainbow' in Italian and it is also the name of the group of the seven strongest infants. Most members have a pet, as well as each possessing a pacifier colored as one of the colors of the rainbow — each color also corresponds with their Dying Will Flame. Most also have a pet with special abilities. When a member of the Arcobaleno nears another member, both of their pacifiers will glow.

It has been implied that being an Arcobaleno is a curse, which is linked to the pacifiers. They were transformed from adults into their current forms; in a picture, Lal Mirch and Colonnello are shown to have been adults; also, in Lal's flashback of the day they were turned into babies, all seven of the Arcobaleno are partially shown in their adult forms (Colonnello was not part of the seven, but he becomes an Arcobaleno after his attempt to take Lal's place).According to Colonnello's conversation with Lal, each of the Arcobaleno has their own curse and specific abilities. They can also emit the Dying Will Flame throughout their entire body.

In the future, Lal Mirch reveals that the rest of the Arcobaleno are dead. Their deaths are hinted to have been caused by radiation that Byakuran unleashed in the atmosphere called the "Negative Seven Rays", which is specifically designed to slowly kill the Arcobaleno.

Currently, only six of the seven Arcobaleno have been mentioned. However, when Ryohei later gives I-Pin a doll of her master, the doll is shown to have an Arcobaleno pacifier. Another one is partially shown in Lal's flashback. Also, one of Millefiore's leaders, Uni, possesses the orange pacifier which was passed down to her from her mother -- it is unclear if either is actually part of the Arcobaleno.

The Arcobeleno pacifiers are key to the Millefiore's world dominance as they need the 7 Mare rings, the 7 Vongola rings and the 7 Arcobaleno pacifiers to gain "ultimate power."

the first Arcobaleno introduced is Reborn.

- He holds a yellow pacifier. He is known as the Greatest Hitman ever.
- He also has a pet/partner named Leon which can transform into almost anything. Leon can also produce special bullets and spins some special thread that can support the Dying Will Flame.
-Reborn trains Tsuna into becoming the Tenth Vongola Boss. Dino was also trained by him. In the future, he trains Yamamoto. and he actually told Yamamoto about the truth of Arcobaleno whenYamamoto finally completed his training with him.
-He often acts like he doesn't care about anything. (although i think he actually does...)

- He holds a blue pacifier. he was an elite Italian Navy unit(COMSUBIN). he treat Reborn as his rival, but share a whole lot of similarity with Reborn.
- His name actually means 'colonel' in Italian.
- He has an eagle on top of his head which helps him fly to distant places.
- Colonnelo trains Ryohei during the Vongola tournament.
- In the future, 'Ginger Bread' claims that Colonnello died for trying to protect Viper. He also tried to protect Lal Mirch from the Arcobaleno 'curse', but his plan doesn't work out the way he had planned... *sigh*

- Holder of the Purple pacifier.
- Head of the combat forces of the Calcassa Family. He wears a full leather outfit and a motorcycle helmet

- However, Skull is not as powerful of an infant as Reborn and Colonnello. He is looked down upon by the other two and is even called stupid by them. He calls the two his 'senpai'(senior) and is easily irritated by Reborn's comments about him and his pet octopus; Reborn keeps telling him to eat the octopus already. Reborn considers Skull as always being someone's errand boy and Skull, to his dismay, does not deny the fact that the only person he was an errand boy to was Reborn.
- In the future, he is mentioned to be dead.
- Skull's pet is a giant armored octopus whose tentacles follow Skull's hand and finger movements

(extracted from Wikipedia)

- Holder of the Indigo Pacifier.
- A member of the elite assassination team, the Varia under the name Mammon. Viper is defeated by Mukuro and loses the right to the Ring of Mist to Chrome.
- Due to having sealed his pacifier, Reborn and Colonnello initially have doubts of whether he is an Arcobaleno. He claims that, unlike his colleagues, he has been trying to break the curse. Due to extensive research, he created a chain that is able to conceal the power of the Arcobaleno pacifiers, as well as the Vongola Rings. This chain is used in the future by Lal Mirch in order to avoid having their rings tracked down by the Millefiore, and to chain her pacifier, which is kept in one of her boxes. However, he is said to be dead in the future, with Ginger Bread claiming that he took his own life after feeling there was no other way out.
- He has the special power to find a person's location by sneezing into a piece of paper (he carries a roll of paper with him); the spit or mucus that sticks to the paper shows a map leading to the desired person. He, like Mukuro, can create illusions as his main attack.
- He has a black frog named Fantasma that lies on top of his head. By turning into a yellow salamander and biting its tail turning into a "halo" similar to an Ouroboros, Fantasma can give Mammon the ability to fly in combat

(extracted from Wikipedia)

- Holder of the Green pacifier.
- Verde has yet to be shown, but was briefly mentioned by Reborn in volume 7 of the manga as the person who sent two assassins to kill Tsuna. Apparently, Verde has knowledge about camouflage and invisibility, so he gave his subordinates suits that can make them invisible to everyone but children. Since he too is a child, Verde believed that he should be able to see his subordinates, in case they ever try to sneak up and to try to kill him.
- Verde was also one of the three scientists who developed the ring boxes in the future, where he is said to be dead.
- Verde means "green" in Italian.

(also extracted from Wikipedia)

Lal Mirch
- she hold a corrupted blue pacifier
- A female member of the Arcobaleno, who states that she cannot live up to the Arcobaleno name, considering herself to be one of its weakest members. She is also part of the Vongola's CEDEF, or Outside Advisors.
- She assists Iemitsu's team in reaching the Vongola IX during the Vongola Tournament. Her future self ends up as a major ally for Tsuna and his family in the future. Since the rest of the Arcobaleno are dead in the future, Lal continues to age, and also suffers from an illness due to a "defect" and overexposure to the Negative Seven Rays. She wears goggles because her right eye is damaged.
- She is later convinced by Reborn to train Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto, instead of trying to assassinate Byakuran alone. Later, she concentrates more on training Tsuna. As their instructor, she is very tough and strict on them. According to Reborn, she shows her emotions easily and is very readable.
- It is revealed that Lal Mirch was Colonnello's former instructor in the COMSUBIN. In her flashback of the day they were all turned into babies, it is shown that Colonnello's attempt to take her place resulted in her "curse" being incomplete, thus clouding her pacifier. However, if she does not use her Arcobaleno powers, her curse would gradually disappear, which is why she eventually becomes an adult again.
- Since she is not a complete member of the Arcobaleno, her pacifier initially does not have a color, and as such, is simply colored gray. However, upon using her Arcobaleno powers in the future, her pacifier glows blue, and she states that her pacifier was supposed to be the blue pacifier that Colonnello attained since her original wave energy was rain. Due to the incomplete transformation, her wave energy changed to both the mist and cloud energies, and also caused the scars on her face.

(extracted from Wikipedia)

okay, i just realised that i don't know much about other Arcobalenos besides Reborn, Colonnello and Lal Mirch. I HAVE to extract informations from Wikipedia. i can only put Reborn and Colonnello with y own words..............and i dunno how to explain Lal Mirch's story in words... >.>

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