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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Law of Animes~ XD

Good news to Ueki no Housoku fans in Malaysia (like me)!

Ueki no Housoku Season 2 will be aired on 8TV next week! 8TV,Saturday, 14th June, 3.30 pm!!!

Wee! i'm sooooo~ excited! after 26 weeks of waiting... finally Shonen Onmyoji comes to an end... it's so dull compared to Ueki and Kekkaishi... don't underestimate a good anime you stupid 8tv! don't cancel them or otakus like me will destroy your studio...or company... argh! whatever lah~

Ueki! Ueki! Ueki!!! i love you!!!~~~

i think this is the picture for season 1.

the pictures of one of the few main characters...

Ueki Kosuke... the main character AND my favourite character in Ueki no Housoku! he who brings justice to all is voiced by the great seiyuu..........Paku Romi!~

Ueki no Housoku aka The Law of Ueki is highly recommended for shonen anime lovers! if you haven't watched it yet, watch it now!!!

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