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Saturday, July 19, 2008

wee! GIMP rocks!

yay! i learned how to use GIMP lately. it's really cool! i didn't know that i can make GIF images with it...=3
hehe... i managed to make few noobish GIF images...=3


this one is the one i like best...


to blcdirty:

i don't know where to get the rings, but i have the picture of the ring... i wish to have one too...

even the chain is included. PLUS that bag thing with the Vongola logo...man~ so cool~

i wish i have the power to change these images into real thing..


blcdirty said...

Ah, we sound just like otaku's XD. But yeah, the rings are really cool and perhaps if I actually manage to get the set, i'll sell you the ring that you want, unless it's the Sky Ring :D

Oh btw, thanks for the email, but I usually don't reply to emails like this but consider yourself a good friend to me already - Hitman Reborn brings people together :D

Beh Ying Ying said...

=3 yeap. but i don't really buy any of these stuffs online. if i really do, i'll have nothing left in my wallet/bank now...XDD

i only want the Ring of Rain! =3 wahahaha! go yamamoto takeshi-sama!!!

Hani said...

Ain't that nice....you make a new friend...i feel SO left out.... T^T

And my internet line isn't doing anything good...

blcdirty said...

Oh well, this is Malaysia. And we all know what it's famous for :D

Beh Ying Ying said...

eh? what do you mean, blcdirty?

and Hani, YOU are the one who didn't comment anything on my blog... don't blame me for that... >.<