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Saturday, August 2, 2008

a Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn fanfic...

okay, this might be the last minute before i start studying.... >.> or maybe not... XD

i stopped writing fics a few months back... but this i can't help but to write this... Chien Yee told me about this funny idea XDDD

enjoy! =3


(just imagine that this happen somewhere between the days before they found Chrome)


some code appeared on the main computer screen.

"An SOS signal from our allies!" Gianini announced out while he shifted to try tracking the source of the signal.

"Hmm. Who is it from?" Reborn asked calmly, as if nothing had happened.

Tsuna charged into the room with Lal Mirch behind him, "Reborn! What's happening?"

"Ah~ Tsuna" Reborn exclaimed, "Shouldn't you be busy training now?"

"I can't! the alarm is just too disturbing..."

"Yeah, i think the alarm must not be going off in the training room" Lal complained.

"My fault, i'll remove the alarm system in the training rooms soon. Okay, source detected! it's somewhere near the Namimori shrine! i'll connect the camera to the screen!" Gianini said while
not budging an inch from the computer.

The screen was replaced with a picture of Hibird struggling on somone's hand.

"Hibird!" Tsuna exclaimed loudly.

"What's going on, juudaime?" Gokudera arrived at the room with Yamamoto.

"Isn't that Hibird on the screen?" Yamamoto ask cluelessly.

"We just received an SOS signal from Hibird." Reborn said.

"Who's that holding him?" Tsuna asked impatiently.

"I'll try adjusting the camera..." Gianini adjusted the view well enough for everyone to see the
person holding it.

"Byakuran!" Lal exclaimed.

"Eh? What is Hibari doing there, too?"Tsuna said shockingly. Hibari and Byakuran with Hibird on his hand.

Reborn lowered his head and said, "who knows..."


at the kitchen.

"UWAA!!! Lambo-san is hungry!!! i want lunch immediately!" Lambo whined helplessly, rolling on the floor.

"Lambo-san. bad. don't do that!" I-Pin nagged to Lambo.

Haru and Kyoko stood reluctantly in the kitchen. Kyoko spoke out, "I wonder what happened
just now..."

"Now, now, Lambo, i'll cook lunch for you now!" Haru tried to console Lambo.

Lambo cheered up immediately.

"Kyoko-chan, i'm sure Tsuna will fix whatever it's going on there, so don't worry!" Haru said

Kyoko smiled and nodded, "Um!"


"Byakuran! I'll bite you till death!"

"Poor you, fighting helplessly just for that dear pet bird of yours" Byakuran smashed Hibird in his fist. Hibird's blood splattered everywhere.

Hibari got emotional, "BYAKURAN!!!! I'll bite you till death for sure!" He ignited a B-rank ring and opened his hedgehog box and then the Tonfa box before the ring shattered into pieces.

Byakuran smirk mysteriously. "If you can..."


"We have to help Hibari out!"

"Yeah, he's in danger!" Gokudera shouted, supporting Tsuna's statement.

"Hm... Although Byakuran is the Milliefiore's family leader, Hibari is still the strongest guardian. If he cannot beat Byakuran, we will be not much help too." Reborn stated reasonably.

"Especially when you guys are still too weak for fighting Milliefiore." Lal voiced her thoughts.

'ah~ they're so cruel' Tsuna thought to himself...

"But at least we can still help him out a bit right?" Yamamoto said.

Gianini spinned around to face Tsuna, "It's up to you to decide."



"Yay! Curry rice! Curry rice!" Lambo hummed a happy song with spoon and fork on his hands at the table.

"Okay! it's done!" Kyoko served the rice to Lambo, I-Pin, Haru and for herself. Then, Haru put
some curry on them.


"Delicious desu~" Haru exclaimed with glee after tasting it.


Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto arrived at the shrine after a while. Tsuna finally decided to help Hibari out, although Lal and Reborn was against it. Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto insisted on it, and so Reborn granted their wish.

Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto froze at their spot when they arrived at the scene. (imagine some cold wind just passed by them) (they almost turn into a stone XD)Then Yamamoto started laughing idiotically.


"Grrr!!!" Hibari was biting Byakuran's head. Byakuran was swinging and running in circles helplessly, trying to get rid of him. Hibari's hedgehog was also biting his leg. Hibari and his hedgehog clung to Byakuran so tightly that they will not let go their teeth from Byakuran. (also swinging to and fro because Byakuran was swinging dramatically) While a flock of small, yellow birds surrounded them, pecking viciously on Byakuran.



"I didn't see anything..." Lal walked out of the room, holding back her anger (or laughter?).

Reborn chuckled at that unsightly scene..."Hibari is the strongest guardian after all..."

Gianini stared at it wide-eyed.

'I wonder what we missed...' Kyoko thought to herself.

Irie Shouichi stared speechlessly at the screen (yeah, he was also watching their fight). the 2 Cervellos stood beside Irie, watching the fight calmly.


i know, i apologise for my EXTREMELY limited vocabulary... but i think you all can get what i mean right? i know i have poor grammars too, so i apologise for it... any comments on it?

credits to Chien Yee >.0

and i know it's lame to the EXTREME... who cares, i am that type of person who likes lame jokes and puns like this....


blcdirty said...

Well,this fanfic is heavily based on the anime. But look at the bright side, you can message me on msn for the full version of Cycle - KHR's 8th ending :D

Beh Ying Ying said...

ah, i love writing fics that way. for me, that's the most interesting part for writing fanfics purely based on imaginations and animes...XD

ah~ i love that full version... it's just out at gendou!!! =3 i think you downloaded it somewhere else right?

blcdirty said...

I got it on the day it got released from japan lol.

Beh Ying Ying said...

eh? unfair! i want it as fast too! but how?????????

blcdirty said...

I have my ways and contacts D: