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Thursday, September 11, 2008


...UWAAA!!!!! i wrote the fic... and i got reviews for the first 2 PROLOGUES... but i got none for the 1st chapter where i started the romance... >.> (not including Hani's reviews) i thought they wanted the romance part...but... no reviews... T^T Darn it! it's hard to get reviews...

Lost in Time is what i wrote... read and review... PLEASE~~

i actually found out the secret of hand-colouring (a photoshop tutorial by Hani... XD) in GIMP! at first it doesn't work but then, i found out how to do it... XP

an example of what i did with it... but it doesn't have much shadings so it's just like coloring a black and white picture... so the wonders of GIMP (lol) is not that obvious here... >.>

Natsu Dragonil from Fairy Tail!!!~

Photobucket Image Hosting


XD and i also made my 7th sig... also Natsu... XD

Photobucket Image Hosting

well...this is the first sig i made without using any downloaded brush... i just used the circle brush for the background...XD (i made this with render...)


wee! i also tried making some avatars for Crunchyroll...
this is the first one i make... and it's for Ping aka kzhan1185
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i want to try making an animated one with it later...=p

And also... i've kinda 'returned' to my old self... where i like to read mangas mangas mangas!!! lol... i'm reading 3 mangas oneshot at Onemanga... (i'm kinda ignoring the animes nowadays... and that including Crunchyroll...)

currently reading D.Gray-Man... it's really nice... actually its almost like i'm obsessed with it... that's what i thought at first... but ever since i introduced that series to Chien Yee... she watched faster than i do, and gave away a lot of spoilers to me... it doesn't seem as interesting anymore... (which is why i hate LOATHE spoilers!!!~ (PLUS i like all the FEMALE characters instead of the male characters...XD I'm starting to act more and more like a guy...)

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Photobucket Image Hosting

Kanda Yuu... i hate him now... but i still like his sword... XD
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AND!!! the beauty of the Dark Order!!!

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Photobucket Image Hosting
Photobucket Image Hosting

Leenalee Lee !!!
She is so darn pretty!!! X3

HOWEVER... i still love Yamamoto Takeshi(-san)♥♥♥♥♥♥!!! X3
BY THE WAY, i read the schedule at NTV7, and i found out that Fate/Stay Night will air on this Sunday at 10.30am...
i also saw One Piece in their programmes.. but i can't find anything in their week's schedule...
i think i'll wait for it... but NOOO~~~ i'm still in Langkawi on Sunday...T^T
and i still can't sign in to MSN!!!!!
*sigh* (how pathetic to end this post with a sigh...)


KP4 said...

I just started watching d gray man yesterday. It seems kind of interesting i guess ^^. Seems to have a similar basic story as other animes though. How many eipsodes has ying watched.

lol, you read faity tail. I was going to read that, but haven't had the time to. I hear it's suppose to be good. btw, that's a really nice siggy. lol, you didn't use any downloaded brushes. the only time i did that was in my first siggy ^^ lol. But you did a really good job. Did you use the blur tool. I think it looks like you did. You did a really good job with it if you did. It really emphisizes the render and the text ^^. O and the other cruchyroll thing. It's pretty good too. The only bad thing i can say is the use of that starry brush thing on the character. I think it would have been better if you decreased the fill or whatever the other thing is called of it so it seems more transparent and blends better with the render.

Beh Ying Ying said...

yup... D.Gray-Man's plotis similar to many other animes so it really has a quite predictable plot...

lol, Thanks! =3
and yeah, i did use some blur tool for the sig's background... (it seems a little crappy without using the blur tool >.>)
that's the first time i made the CR avatar... >.> the size is totally wrong... >.> sigh...

and thanks again, KP ^^ for the comments!!! =3