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Saturday, October 18, 2008

2nd post for today...

i can't help but to blog about the new chapter of KHR...

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! 214: The unexpected

IT WAS A BLAST!!! It's a must read chapter for me! cause compared to other manga like Naruto, Fairy Tail and D.Gray-Man, this chapter really beats them all! =D (or was it just me...)

oh well... to sum it up, Tsuna now encounters Genkishi before he can reach Irie... so like what the title of this chapter has suggested, it is full of the unexpectables...

Tsuna is actually suggesting the whole idea for this battle... not Reborn... not Spanner... but Tsuna kinda used what he had in hand at that time... (quick thinking!) Reborn & Giannini made a hologram to confuse Genkishi and then... Tsuna fired a weak X-Burner and Spanner yelled out the reports to stop him... Genkishi was seriously fooled by that and concentrated all his power in one sword (he always multiply the images of his sword =.=''') to end this chapter with a cliffhanger... Tsuna is going to use Zero-Point Breakthrough Kai...end XD

some might think Genkishi was stupid... XD but i won't, cause i was fooled by Tsuna's plans too... >.>(Genkishi...i know how stupid you feel... haiz)

Tsuna matured a whole lot too! =3

(still Yamamoto Takeshi is the best...! XP)

some vote results for Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

I can't recognise Dino at all...XD... and somehow.. Xanxus looks like Hibari in the first page. when i saw that page... i thought i clicked on the wrong link...ahahaha...

And why is Yamamoto at number 8??? number 7, Dino... number 6, Squalo... number 5, Xanxus... T^T

i found some cool TYL pics... =3

This is larger then those i found in CR... click on the pic for the full view...

but i still like the ones in Hani's blog better...

And for some reason, i got to download the Last Cross (TV size) at gendou this afternoon, before the connection went back to its original state... haiz... i want a fast and consistent connection!!!

Oh, and 1 question... In KHR, in ten years' time, everyone should be fighting with rings and box rite... but why isn't Adult Lambo (10 years later and 20 years later) using any box???

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