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Thursday, October 23, 2008

♪♫ Randomness ♪♫

XD Hani told me that imeem loads slowly so she used that myflashfetish playlist thing in her blog...
actually, i just realized it when she told me bout it... all the while... i thought she was using imeem... ahahaha....

i put Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! opening 5 - Last Cross by Masami Mitsuoka as my blog song... i have the lyrics in the previous post...


okay... i totally don't know what to post about next... so it's a random chapter in Soul Eater it is!...

Soul Eater chapter 51

*note: look carefully at the scanlator's notes... Click on the pages for full view or just scroll down...*

Pg. 26

Ox 'tore' his 2 'pillars' away... (i... forgot what had made him do that...XP)

Ox says:"If you don't want to return to Shibusen, then don't return. If you don't have anywhere to go, I'll make one"

Ed's (the scanlator) notes:"how cheesy can you get? lol

Pg. 27

Ox:"Can't i become the place for you to go?"

Ed's notes:"I stand corrected :D"

Pg. 32

FAST FORWARD!!! after all those healing and bla bla bla stuff...

Kim for some reason leaned and kissed Ox's nose...

Ed:"haha, that's all you get"

Pg. 33

what i will say:"they are blushing! XD"

Chapter 41 Pg. 07

this page is just to show how important that 2 'pillars' were to Ox...=.='''


the first chibi i have ever drawn... i tried my best to fix the hands and sleeves already, Hani... =3
There's also something very wrong with this but i'm just too lazy to fix it... XD

and chibi version is really fun to draw... =D

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