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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Manga-thon! MAX!!!

yay! i finished Eyeshield 21!!!

erm... i meant...caught up with it...ahahahaha~ it's currently on chapter 307 in Onemanga... =D it's nice!!! they actually won against Teikoku (although i predicted it ^^;) but this is the best part in Shonen mangas! well, for every fiction actually...

everytime you read/watch something, you will always want the good ones to win... o.o isn't that true? although you knew from the start, it will be the good ones that win... XD but the best part is to see them grow stronger to defeat the evils!

It's true! koraa!

anyways, some of my favourite pages after the Deimon Devil Bats won the Christmas Bowl!

Eyeshield 21:chapter 305, page 01
they won the Christmas Bowl against Teikoku Gakuen!!! =3

Eyeshied 21:chapter 305, page 02
They are exchanging numbers... or maybe e-mail adds... the two Eyeshield 21's!!! they sure are happy to meet in the field... AND i know why Sena didn't exchange numbers with Shin! *grins* Shin will immediately spoil the handphone...XD

Eyeshield 21:chapter 305, page 03
lol... the Receivers, Monkey Monta and Taka... XD at least Monta's monkey wisdom is not as bad as Shin's... well, at least he didn't spoil it...XD

Eyeshield 21:chapter 305, page 04
lol, since every sports team need a fast runner, Sena became REALLY busy... o.o

Eyeshield 21:chapter 305, page 05
XD, Sena's a total shrimp!

well, those are pages with few words and yet it's still nice!!! yay! for the power of mangas! XD


Eyeshield 21:chapter 306, page 05
A creepy 45-year-old afro guy...o.o he reminds me of:

Kawachi with afro from Yakitate!! Japan...

the manager of Pantasia also from Yakitate!! Japan...


the freaky bomberhead, Iris... from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!... i labelled her as freak because of her freaky hairstyle...o.o

and Lambo is WAY cuter than all the other afros stated there... XD
lol... The manga of Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! is really good! although the anime is WAY better than the manga when it somes to the action part, songs, and the seiyuu... but somehow, i like the manga better...

The manga starts of with the Introduction arc whereby all the chapters are like fillers... the animes use different chapters, reshuffled it and made them as filler episodes which they fill in the part between 2 main arcs(Kokuyo arc, Varia arc and the Future arc)... i don't really like to watch the filler arc because it tends to be quite similar with the other filler episodes... but it's funny... i'll have to admit that...XD
But it's the different case for the manga... when the introduction arc comes to an end when the Kokuyo arc started, it goes on like non-stop actions! it goes straight to the Varia arc, and then another and so on... PLUS it doesn't have any recaps or something like that...

and oh, there's a character in the manga in which the anime doesn't have it...

he's the Tomaso's Family eighth leader-to-be...

and THAT's his family... =o=

the family also have a special bullet just like Vongola... but the bullet is called Desolation Bullet...
"they say that once shot, the person will be reborned as they mourn over themselves" says Reborn...
this will help them gain sympathy from others... it's totally different from Night's positive attitude... and he have weird tastes for girls... she chose weird girls as her girlfriendS!

anyhow, i think this character is forgotten once the Kokuyo arc started...XD

hmm... Let's see... my next Manga-thon combo will be... erm... Kekkaishi and Reborn! yup! decided!!!


[dead end]


Hani said...

the hell...
you don't know what hiatus means? =.=

Beh Ying Ying said...

i mean... why is the manga on hiatus.... o.o

oh well, i learned the meaning of 'hiatus' when you once told me the meaning of that word i have never once heard before you told me about it... @.@

Hani said...

...you're welcome, for the 'word-you-have-never-once-heard-before-i-told-you-about-it'...

Beh Ying Ying said...

lol... thanks miss-lady-with-huge-vocabulary! XD

Hani said...