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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Paper Moon + my life(?)

That's the new Opening Song for Soul Eater! =3 i found out when i was finding for lyrics at Gendou... =3

i still can't download it... can't listen to it... >.> now, i just randomly find it at Youtube and embed it here just to share it...

Paper Moon (TV Size)
by Tommy Heavenly6
Soul Eater
Opening 2

I'm falling
Down into my shadow
Iki wo hisomete
matteiru Deadly Night
Don't Scare Me
Kimi ga nozomeba
donna sekai mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
See you in your dreams yeah baby
kowai yume datoshitemo

Fairy Blue kimi no tame ni
hoshi wo kudaki
Black Paper Moon
Shinjite kureta nara!
When you're
lost "Here" I am...
"Forever" With Your Soul
miagereba kagayaku
tsuki no you ni


I don't know how it sounds like, but i would be glad if anyone can tell me about that! =3 i think it'll be great because i've once heard Tommy Heavenly6 (Pray - Gintama Opening 1) and i liked it...


Well, to blog about something that happens around me? well, i'm just staring at the computer screen for half of the day, and all the usual daily activities... yeah, my life is really boring , so i think no one would even like that... >.>

Oh well, i'll just write on though...

T.T my results for this end-year exam... dammit~ my total marks decreased by 32 compared to mid-year... o.O all my marks decreased greatly... and so i dropped from 2nd to 4th placing... ahahaha~

i think i won't be using my precious computer anymore next year... IF my parents are kind enough, maybe they'll still let me play... but i think the most is only 1-2 hour per day OR only during weekends... >.>

lol... that's all i can say... and also, i totally lost to Icchan Chien Yee in tennis on Friday... wahahaha~ she's got a nice play there! and i got 4th again... =.='''

see, that's all i can blog about my life... =.=''' and that 3 short paragraphs sums up almost everything for the whole week in my life... o.o ahaha~ boring life...

Oh ya, btw, Hani still wants a rematch for Uno... remember the bet, ya... ohohoho~ i wont lose to you or give up easily! ohohoho~ *gambling mode activated*

Currently, i'm reading Eyeshield 21 (Chapter 132) and Prince of Tennis (chapter 78)... XD Sports combo...! and also working on the drawings i promised Hani... ahahaha~ although i should have finished those a long long long time ago...XD

AND i'm no longer active at Crunchyroll (busy with manga marathon)...

P.S Hani's blog got a blue cute and nice blogskin... =3


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