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Monday, January 5, 2009


First day at school... is not fun at all... =.= it's so darn boring!!! but i'm glad i got to see my friends again!!! (^O^)

Lol... anyways... it's also damn tiring... i always wake up like not earlier than 9 in the morning during the holidays and kora! suddenly i need to wake up at 6.30... i will seriously doze off in the middle of the lessons if this goes on...


there's a new anime in Malaysia! it's a mahou shoujo one though... ^o^;

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z』desu!~

from left: Matsubara Kaoru 「Powered Buttercup」, Akazutsumi Momoko 「Hyper Blossom」, Gotokuji Miyako 「Rolling Bubbles」

from Wikipedia:
In order to stop an ecological disaster, Ken Kitazawa used Chemical Z, a new form of the Professor's original substance Chemical X, to destroy a giant glacier. The Chemical Z is caused by Peach's accident of dropping a rice cake which had dissolved in the chemical. However, the impact of Chemical Z caused several black and white lights to appear in the skies above Tokyo City. Three ordinary girls, Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru, were engulfed in white lights and soon became the new defenders of Tokyo City: the Powerpuff Girls Z. However, the numerous black lights caused others to turn to the side of evil. And so, using their ultra super powers, Hyper Blossom (Momoko), Rolling Bubbles (Miyako), and Powered Buttercup (Kaoru) dedicated their lives to defending Tokyo City from the likes of those swayed by the black lights and Him's black powder.

It's on NTV7 every Sunday, 7.00pm.
i know it's really a new anime and stuff... but... why not buy some other animes like One Piece, Eyeshield 21, Code Geass, or maybe even Katekyo Hitman Reborn! gah! Speed up the episodes for Bleach and catch up at least half of the series!!! curse Malaysia station tv... >.>

gah... i won't be chatting through MSN from now on! i'll just stick to emails... MSN is really giving my computer tonnes of problems... =.=

P.S- i'm still onlining!!! =3 but should be onlining a little less often... >.>



ringo-juice said...

wohh ur a malaysian too?? cool~

heh.. well if they bring in animes like KHR, i know for sure they'll be dubbing it in bm.. n for sure that would totally suck.

btw how old r u? i'm an SPM candidate this year.. gohh

Hani said...

she's a PMR candidate this year... XD

-ying- said...

yup! =3