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Monday, January 12, 2009

桜ロック[Sakura Rock]

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Ending #10

Aitakute koishikute hanarete
Ano hi wa mou konai

Awai kaori ga tadayou kisetsu ga megurikuru
Kokoro hazumaseteita koro ga ima yomigaeruyo
Hajimete koi wo shitanda nani mo kamo kagayaiteita
Sukoshi no jikan de saemo issho ni toki wo kizandeita

Sakura saita ki no shita de kimi no koe wo
Harukaze ga jyama shite kikoenai
Sayonara jyanaito negatta

Aitakute koishikute hanarete
Ano hi no egao ga maichitte
Itsumademo to chikatta kimi wa mou inai

Kanau nara sakura ga maioriru rainen no ima mo
Kata narabe shashin de mo toritaina ano hi wa mou konai


合いたくて 恋しくて 離れて

初めて恋をしたんだ 何もかも輝いていた
少しの時間でさえも 一緒に時を刻んでいた


合いたくて 恋いしくて 離れて
いつまでもと誓った 君はもういない

叶うなら桜が舞い降りる 来年の今も
肩並べ写真でも撮りたいな あの日はもうこない


To meet, to love and to separate
That day won't come anymore

The light fragrance is floating in the changing season
The time when the heart bouncing is now reviving
The first time we feel love, everything is shining
Even though only for a little time, we carved the moment together

Your voice under the blooming cherry blossom tree
I can't hear it since the spring breeze hindered me
I just hope it's not goodbye

To meet, to love and to separate
The smile that day is scattering
Even though I vowed eternally, you are not here anymore

If it can come true, I wish the cherry blossom will fly down, in the next year 'now' too
Lining up when retaking a photograph, that day won't come anymore

o(^o^)o Yay!!! new ending!!! Chien Yee told me about this song! so i'm no using my brother's computer to watch it! =3 this song is so darn nice!!!

Now, there's a total of 3 songs by CHERRYBLOSSOM!!! Dive To World, Cycle and Sakura Rock!!! I wonder if there's any chance for another LM.C's song! (~.~)

some things i got from the video's description:
Single releases 2/18/2009. Also, some notes of inverted colors:
Rain = Sky (Orange)
Sun = Rain/Mist (Bluish Indigo)
Thunder = Storm/Cloud (Violet)
Mist = Sky/Sun (Tangerine)
Storm = Thunder (Green)
Cloud = Thunder (Green)
Sky = Rain/Mist (Light Indigo)

i thought i was the only who notice that... ^^; but it's not really accurate though... because the colours in the videos is... not really clear...

anyways, this ending song have not much movements, but more to still pictures... but it's still nice though! (b^o^)
oh ya, there's some spoiler for the appearance of Varia... not the TYL ones though... but note that there are all characters that WILL appear... AND THERE'S NANA SAWADA!!! (1.17) [that's Nana Sawada, right?]
does that means Nana Sawada will appear???

lyrics from: LiveJournal
video from: Youtube


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