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Sunday, April 12, 2009


lol, i played the short melody from Pandora Hearts on the piano!~ lol... a little error... but, it still sounds okay... >.0

Pandora Hearts episode 2 is out!~
this is WAY better than first episode!!! at least there's some battle in this episode! my gosh! it's super high quality!!! every movement is outlined very well! just like Soul Eater (one of the anime with best quality i've ever seen!)
wai~ and the story up till now is well developed! no... EXTREMELY well developed and fairly fast-paced! (i was like-"OH look~ there's the typical scene again" when Gilbert want to protect Oz... y'know that type of behaviour... but not until Gilbert PROTECTS THE ENEMY!!! and OZ KILLED GILBERT?! O.O OMG!!! i gotta watch on!!!

but why isn't the opening and ending subbed??? O_O (i want to sing!~)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episode 128...

okay... it's wasting too much time on the recaps... =.=... i bet with my head they are just buying some time to wait for more manga chapters to be published... and they keep on babbling about some sort of things... Gah~ i only noted 2 main part in this episode!
1-the younger Hibari appeared... okay! main point! he spotted Genkishi's eyebrows! XDD
2-Tsuna vs Lumps of muscles... XD okay... and bits of Mini Mosca and Spanner's part!
~the end~
Meh... it's getting really slow-paced!!!

but it's still very cute! especially when Mini Mosca tried to protect Spanner... and Haru no Haru Haru Interview! with TYL Hibari! Hibird is so cute!!! and Hibari when he pulled out his hedgehog! man!~ super cute!

=.=''' i got fed up with doing the stupid folio i had to pass up in another... say...7-8 hours? lol... SHHHH~ don't tell my mum! cause i've finished only 50% of it... gotta go finish it NOW!~

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