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Monday, June 29, 2009


aiya~ for the whole two week... i can't even go online for more than 10 minutes.... GREAT!!! and TMnet call this an UNLIMITED CONNECTION... =.= che... fine fine... i have to strain myself anyway... because the monthly test is only 2 weeks away, the trial is only...err...one month away? is it? i dunno the date... same goes to PMR...

i promise i wont touch any new series and wont stream any animes for now...but i just HAVE TO read mangas... O_O i just can't live without it lah~~ haha, be it in magazine form or on the computer screen... i just NEED IT!!!

so i just read the latest chapters for the mangas i currently follow~ and write some thoughts on it...



WEE!~ Yamamoto's next after Tsuna's battle! muhahahah~ i love Yamamoto to death!!! well, his box weapon is super cute also!!! (although Natsu aka Nuts is cuter... >.> have to admit that...) but... it's a DOG!!! and dogs are man's best friend eh? =D
ooh, and not to forget the Rondine... lol, the swallow!

presenting~~~ JIROU AND KOJIROU!!! (i'm not sure about the stories behind the names but... there's that)


meh... Yamamoto's new technique also consists of four swords... T^T WHY?! why must you be like that stupid Genkishi?!!! but still, Yamamoto looks better than Genkishi with four swords... at least not like Genkishi, 'holding' the other two swords with his feet... ._.
anyways, the weapons are similar to what the rain guardian of the Primo's... meh... i still like the simple and old way of Shigure Souen Ryuu... perhaps i'm just tooo into the old ways of sword-fighting styles... >.>

KUFUFUFU~ SARABADA GENKISHI!!! the stupid Illusionist who call himself a knight who yields a sword!

and a few panels where Yamamoto looks especially cool! *O*


oy oy~ there goes the typical Bleach style, a few one on one battles, and a few Zanpaktou and Bankai powers revealed... but aren't Tite Kube ignoring the Visored a little???

i mean, after the 'Turn Back the Pendulum' thingy, they just vanished from the series... and the taichou;s and fukutaichou's jumps on to the stage! wee~ they ignored Ichigo and Orihime and Rukia, Chad and Ishida... wait... i think Urahara's getting too little appearance as well... often do they mention his name, but seldom he appears in the panels... =.=

anyway, i like Yumichika's Zanpaktou! even though it's just the Shikai, it's cool and pretty at the same time... it's not as nice in the manga, anime version is better... with the colours and effects and all.. lol, can't wait to watch Hitsugaya in action for the anime! lol... but i have to wait till after PMR... nevermind... i just have to wait for 3 or 4 or 5 more months... (i still don't know the date...)



i think it's pretty shocking and lame... for Pain to have the power to return the lives of humans... =.= but things get even better when Danzo was announced as the Hokage replacing Tsunade... damn him! obviously he's evil!!! he killed a toad...(right? during the chaos caused by Pain) meh, i might be wrong though... that's why we all like Naruto... it has good plots! but tends to get really boring when they started chatting and all... i often just skip some super long speech bubbles, ending up re-reading the whole thing again...



actually... i read the final chapter few weeks ago, so this is kinda late...anyway, obviously it has ended, WITHOUT showing us how the 'overtime' in the game against America went...cheh... anyways, 3 years flew by, and the American Football player are just 'reshuffled'... y'know each and everyone of 'em went to different schools... only a few common ones... say, Sena, Riku, Monta, Suzuna, Kurita and Unsui is in the same school, there's Hiruma and Mamori (HMMMM~~~ VERY VERY VEERY SUSPICIOUS!!!)... there's a few others i can't remember but i'm too lazy to recheck it... of course the Oujo White Knights will still be in Oujo...

so,the colour pages + the final page in ES21... and the best scene in the final chapter...

Kurita + Hiruma = best scene!!!



y'know, i've been wondering if Bakuman is based on a real-life story... i mean, you see, there's Ohba Tsugumi(author) and Obata Takeshi(artist) working together... first for Death Note and second for Bakuman...(i bet they really get along well)... so i often treat Bakuman as a manga where those two describe their life... well, Shujin as Ohba Tsugumi and Mashiro as Obata Takeshi...

the most suspicious thing in Bakuman is this: Miho's appearance...

*ahem* doesn't she reminds you of Aya Hirano???

AND Aya Hirano voiced Misa Amane in the Death Note anime!~ could it be??????
ahahahah~ i'm just crapping... but it's just... well, my obsession... lol

i want Bakuman to be an anime soon also!!! T^T same goes to Fairy Tail!!!
AAAAA~ it reminds me.... suddenly, i realised that i totally ditched Mirai Nikki, Liar Game, Soul Eater, and Monster Hunter Orage... i just cant wait for those monthly mangas to be out... and i tend to forget what happened in the last chapters after a month... dammit... have to read those after PMR...=.='

haha, this post is so dull... without the colours and all... too lazy now...

hohoho, and i gotta go study now... i do want to score a straight A's for PMR... don't wanna miss any subjects like Geography, History and BM...

haha, i won't update often till it's over... or i won't be able to touch the com if i miss an A for PMR... TT.TT



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