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Saturday, January 23, 2010


*spits soul out of my mouth*

almost dead already!!! why must beginning of the year be so hard every single time?! how i wish i can go back to Form 1... better still, go back to Standard 6 - after UPSR that time... all of us play like crazy people, running about everywhere worry about nothing! -.-' sien.. Form 4... damn hectic weih... what's with the multiplying subjects... almost dead... now losing touch with anime and manga edi... but i have lots and lots of incomplete things which is yet to be done sooner or later... e.g. drawings and fics for Hani...

gah!~ this is one of the rare times i post something not anime/manga related... XD anyways.. my blog is like snowing already... you know why, it's just sooooo cold!!! no one leaves any comments de... i doubt i have regular visitors cause i think most of them are just passerby who accidentally came across my blog while googling for some images (most probably Katekyo) plus, who wants to read a blog of a lazy otaku... =.=

anyways, there's 2 stories stuck in my brain now...i'm gonna start typing them later though... let's see if it's good or not... gah, how am i supposed to know if it's good or not when i don't get comments... *SILENCE* okay, off topic...

what's with school?! it's really weird, things changed a lot since Dr. Ashley became the principal of ACS... improvements? nope... i wonder why... =.= well, she said it's STUDENT's fault... goodness... i wish i can graduate from this freaking school sooner! we're all under such a big pressure, and now that we don't do well, we are to be blamed?! damn! you expect every student to be the same like the previous batch?! where do you think we come from? Photocopy machine?! or are we software who you can upgrade by just downloading them?! gah! i don't know if the school can track this or not since this issue is mentioned in the assembly about someone who got sacked for this...well, i'm pretty sure i didn't defame the school or whatever it is, i just don't think it's right to put the blame on us! we've done our part, you've done your part! if the results are not THAT good, let it be! the results is for our own good, you see! not yours!

tch, and some of the teachers even said that everything drops for our batch - quality, attitude etc...all except quantities... what the hell?! so what? it's you who are supposed to teach and guide us right?! ugh! i hate it! luckily not all the teachers are like that though... but some are just so irritating! ugh! *roll eyes*
well, i guess i'm just a little stressed out now... maybe it'll be better after a while *sigh*... let's see, shall i do my homeworks next?


wawa said...

haha..i get wat u feeling..all of them..from the wnting to turn back to year 6 to being stressed out

-ying- said...

T^T am darn stressed!!!