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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love to sing! [editted]

yesh! i love to sing! i love to sing anywhere, anytime especially when i'm bored... sometimes even accompanied by my air guitar! XD lol! i sing even in class like a crazy lady, well, of course not when teacher is teaching or something lah... XD or doing my homework and etc...

lol, these are the few recordings i've made during the last holidays... XD just uploaded it yesterday though, lol... it's really just for fun... and i know it's not really good or anything... so... but still i'd love some comments... =D

me singing Mamoru Beki Mono... XD trying very hard to imitate Tsuna Kokubun Yukari's voice~

me singing Discotheque~

lol, my browser kept crashing while i was visiting my own blog... =.=' i guess it's the embedded video's fault, so decided to reduce it... XD

other videos of myself singing i've uploaded(NOT the original video ;D):
Last Cross | Yume no Manual | Super Driver | Style | Cycle | Curry Nochi Rice (#8 Shinkan Mix) | Fudepen ~ Ballpen | Fuwa Fuwa Time | Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-Kiss | Aozora no Namida | Cagayake Girls


Onigiri-Kun said...

Amazing Voice ! :3
Just gotta watch the high and low notes but none the less really good :3 and ur blog is soo nice too ~ ! I wish i could make a blog this nice lol. (I suck at it tho) T ^ T Do you read the manga too? :O I don't lol Im so tempted to tho Dx

anyways thx for the pics of the Rings and Vongola members much olbiged :3

-ying- said...

lol, thanks! ^o^ yah, will watch those high and low notes... cause my voice has a really limited range... =.=' thanks for the comments! =D i'm one hell of a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fan!!!! i watch and read KHR XD! i love the manga!!! but i guess it's not much of a harm if you dont though cause the storyline in anime is exactly like the one in the manga for now... =D i sure hope they wont change it! DX

lol, npnp! ^^