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Friday, May 28, 2010



*ahem* sorry, a little excited... obviously i was referring to Katekyo Hitman Reborn! X3 Chapter 291 is totally a blast!!! Why?

  • Colour Pages!!!

  • It's getting more mafia-like! X3

  • Tsuna will have to grow up and make a decision for Vongola!

UUUUUuuuu!!! can't wait for the next chapters!!!! Is it just me? I actually think that the person who attacked the Gigue Family is Suzuki Adelheid... =/ We're not told that the Shimon Family have Flames with attributes eh? =/ saa, just hafta wait for the next chappie!!! X3 and i hope to see more Yamamoto, Chrome and Hibari in the story... =.=~ it's too much of Gokudera... T_T

anyways, i have been editing something for my header for quite some time and finished it not long ago....It's the Arcobaleno this time...

... The quality of the image sucks... should i change it to PNG format? =/

Should i change it? or just stick t my old one...?

meh... which one???? @.@ anyone reading this post, do feel free to comment! X3 thanks in advance!

Anyways, i'm onlining just to read the mangas, check my mail, and i'll be off to sticking my nose in the reference books again... there are still 3 Physics papers, 2 AddMath papers, 3 Chemistry papers, PE and Sivik papers left... T_T Sums up to 10 papers left... *shakes head* i must do my best!!!!! O!

Oh, btw, i added some Ads to my blog... One just below my header and another all the way down in the page... i'm just hoping to earn myself some money... =) don't get bothered by it! =3

lol, kay! off to studies!!!

Ciao Ciao~ X3


Anonymous said...

Stick with your old one! Tsuan's on it! Plus, I've read the chapter too. My dad thinks I'm letting KHR take over my mind sense thats all I ever talk about =P


-ying- said...

u think so?

okay! I'll just stick to the old one! X3

i don't see that as a problem lol! KHR is the best manga/anime ever and it's the one thing that color our life! =3

Comte 誠一郎佐野 ( Earl Seiichiro Sano) said...

Yo, Ying-chan!

I think you should really stick with this one.

One, it's cool!

Two, Tsuna doesn't look like a crybaby ( sorry Tsuna) and he looks like a real mafia boss!

I read the new chapter yesterday and it rocks! I don't think it's Suzuki who did it, as I think she was somewhere else when it happened... Oh, well, it's my point of view and many others have different views of it...

Watch the new episode today! It's going to come out in a few hours time so ( with english subs at Youtube) and watch the action. Demon Spades is a creep! Mukuro looks better!

Your Friend

Seiichiro Sano

-ying- said...

Lol! okie-dokie, i'll stick with this one! X3

lmao! yeah, now that you've mentioned it, Suzuki was talking to Gokudera at that time... ~.~ gah! hafta wait for the next chappie...

lol, but i don't watch the anime... T_T my lappie overheats if i watch any video for not more than 10 minutes... T_T

+M!|k^S@n+ said...

The one u are using now is great !
Stick with the old one XP

-ying- said...

LMAO!!! 3 votes for 'Collision' XD
but actually i have nothing to be proud of... XD cause it was ripped from the official websites de... XD

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