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Sunday, June 6, 2010


YAY! exam end! and i totally mess up every paper... =.=' nevermind... Holiday's here! =D super happy! i wanna read Air Gear! XD

and lol, today, i joined one event and there's this dumpling eating contest... XD i joined! together with 5 boys/men and 4 girls/lady.. aye... all ages... and i won! LMAO!!! i ate that dumpling (it's normal sized, just in case you might fantasize a gigantic one XD) in 1 minute 45 seconds plus or minus... i forgot what that guy told me XD it was then i realised, i eat frigging fast... O_O


and gosh! do i love this song: Fight by Mamoru Miyano & Paku Romi!!! X3
i have the download link and the Youtube link here =D

this song is superb! again! lyrics by ear desu!~

tobidase tsubasa hiroge yozora suri nukete FLY
saa kagayaku hoshi ikutsu atsume ni iku no WOAH

yugan da NEWS nagareteru tsumetai machi to waraeba
furueru kokoro wo gomaka shicha dame ima GO FIGHT!

susumu michi wa itsumo kabe ga habi kotte iru keredo
yuuki ga areba kowaseru sa

tobidase tsubasa hiroge yozora suri nukete FLY
saa kagayaku hoshi ikutsu atsume ni iku no WOAH

aisuru kimochi itsudatte yasashii iro de tsu tsumare
honno sukoshi zutsu chikazuita nara ima TRUE LOVE

kizutsuku koto ni obiete tachidomaranai de ikou
yuuki ga areba tsutawaru sa

tobidase tsubasa hiroge yozora suri nukete FLY
saa kagayaku hoshi ikutsu atsume ni iku no
aketeku sora ni sake de negai todokete yo FLY
saa BATON wa mou kimi he wata sareta hazu FIGHT!

she's super cute and cool and pretty all at the same time!!!!

and yes! i don't really go crazy over Mamoru Miyano! XD i just love this song and Paku Romi!~ XD i mean, she's like a super talented seiyuu and singer as well!!!! she's awesome! X3


oo! i played Last Cross on the piano and recorded it with my mobile!

bad quality though... XD and i made lotsa lotsa mistakes! XD

aa! and i wrote one poem a while ago!~ X3
A glimpse of you is enough to make my heartbeat fast
A smile from you is enough to make my stomach go nuts

I do not need all your sweet attention
Even from afar, just by watching your actions
Has already exceeded what my heart had wanted

Whenever you're around
It is almost impossible to hold back a smile
Whenever you're around
I want to look at you, even if it's just for a little while

But looking at you straight into your dark eyes
Makes my heart beat so fast as if i was going to die
All my courage were gathered, but i was just too shy

Many a times, i tried my best, to myself, i lied
but my love to you was just so deep that it could not be denied

naa... maybe that's all for this post lah... meh... XD ciao ciao~~~


Comte 誠一郎佐野 ( Earl Seiichiro Sano) said...

Dude, that was awesome!

I wish I could play as good as you! I took piano lessons when I was younger and ended up quiting then because I wanted to sleep more! I really regret it...but then again, my piano teacher wouldn't have let me grade up even if I took them, cuz my piano playing sucks!

I can oonly remember the songs that I played years ago and I'm starting to learn then back by refering the books...How did you do it? Is it by the ear or did you have sheets?

YOur Friend,

Seiichiro Sano

-ying- said...

Thanks! thanks!

lol! you can do it! i've been learning for 10 years already... XD just quit recently though...

yeah, ah well, i have the sheet music i got from here ^o^ i can't play by ear... T_T i suck at that... i only can do the lyrics by ear, lol! XD