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Saturday, July 24, 2010

REBOCON 4 coming soon! KORA!!! + KHR News

just visited the official site this morning... and good NEWS!!!

Rebocon 4 is coming soon!!! no! more like plural form! XD since there's two, red and blue, just like the album~~~

screenshots(edited) from here~ and here~ (i think you can book the tickets there... O_O not really sure, since i don't really understand Japanese... )

So~ it's more or less like this~

Rebocon 4 ~RED~

9 October 2010:

10 October 2010:
1. 12:00/13:00
2. 16:00/17:00

venue: (most probably... idk kanji... XD)
JCB Hall

Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Yamamoto Takeshi: Inoue Suguru
Sasagawa Ryohei: Kiuchi Hidenobu
Hibari Kyoya: Kondo Takashi
Sasagawa Kyoko: Inamura Yuuna
Miura Haru: Yoshida Hitomi
Lambo: Takeuchi Junko
I-Pin: Chiang Li Mei
Dino: KENN
Basil: Terasaki Yuka

(aww, Chrome's not coming??? DX)
Rebocon 4 ~BLUE~

13 November 2010:

14 November 2010:
1. 12:00/13:00
2. 16:00/17:00

venue: (most probably... idk kanji... XD)
JCB Hall

Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Rokudo Mukuro: Iida Toshinobu
XANXUS: Ikeda Masanori
S. Squalo: Takahashi Hiroki
Belphegor: Fujiwara Yuuki
Fran: Kokuryu Sachi
Byakuran: Ohyama Takanori
Irie Shouichi: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Uni: Nanjou Yoshino

(No! Spanner and Kikyo is not coming?! DX)

arara~ i really don't know why there's two dates and three time for each concert... DX somebody, help me!!! i don't understand!!! DX

guess this post is not suited to be categorised as news since i know nuts about Kanji... XD

i want to go to at least one Rebocon!~ then i can die happy~

oo~ and there will by a new Album released~ it's the compilation of the character songs released in 2009~ WITH a bonus track- 未来の大空へ (Mirai no Oozora e) [beware, my Japanese sucks, so tell me if i translate it wrong] it means To the Sky of the Future!~~~ X3

[sorry, but i have no idea what the title of the album is...]

Release Date: 15 September 2010

Hitotsu Dake: Sawada Tsunayoshi
Ore Kara no Message: Reborn
Hashire: Gokudera Hayato
Ashita ni Mukatte: Yamamoto Takeshi
Horizon: Hibari Kyoya
Hare ta Sora Miagete: Sasagawa Ryohei
JUMP!!!: Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru
Tanoshiku Nacchau Uta: Lambo & I-Pin
Kiouku no Hate: Rokudo Mukuro
Namida no Ondo: Chrome Dokuro
Bonus Track: Mirai no Oozora(【BONUS TRACK】未来の大空へ)

also, on the same date, 15 September 2010, a OST Album will be released at the same time~~~ you can check it out here~

Can't wait desu! waku waku desu!!! X3

oya oya, i will most probably be spending my 2010 Christmas in Singapore this time! any Singaporeans reading this, I wonder if you can inform me about any anime/manga related events around that time... O_O since i've never got a chance to do that... T_T

oh~ how i wish someday there will be a Rebocon in Singapore or Malaysia, i will definitely go! DX no matter what it would cost me!!!

PS - look at my blog... it's not even like a blog... it's more like an KHR dedicated anime/manga site instead... DX


Arya said...

What??? Gokudera's not coming??????? D=

-ying- said...

OMG!!! i didnt notice!!! DX AAA!!!! nooo!!! i want Gokudera also!!!! i like YELL!!!!

iKaycee said...

Alala~ Ahode---anou, Hayato-kun's not coming? -pouts-

-looks at Hayato- See, I didn't call you Takohedo.

-gets bombed by Hayato-

-ying- said...

lmao!!! aye... T^T though i didnt notice it earlier, i really wanted him to be there!

and Lussuria... XD he rocked in the previous previous rebocon!!!

iKaycee said...

Oh yeah, Lussuria and Levi's not coming too. :(

Kinda sad since I liked his heart-shaped guitar in the last REBOCON.

But XANXUS is gonna be there, and so is Belphegor, so I'm gonna stop complaining now. :D

-gets shot by Xanxus-

-ying- said...

aye!!! i've never seen Xanxus' seiyuu before... DX can't wait!!! he must be very upset during Rebocon II! XD which was why Squalo, Lussu and Bel took his stage... XD jkjk

i like Squalo's seiyuu!!! X3 i wanna see Fran's seiyuu too!!!

nuu!!! i hoped Uni and Gamma could appear together!!! DX

iKaycee said...

Yeah, Uni and Gamma. :3

But I want to see Aria and Gamma together since I totally ship that pairing. :))

I'm still sad because Takohedo's not coming.

-runs away from Ahodera-

Anonymous said...

Takoheddo, why aren't you coming? ;a; I was looking forward to hearing his new song, Yell. ;a;

-ying- said...

@iKaycee - ohya!!! i kinda forgot about that... but when i was watching the arcobaleno arc, i was like X333333 the pairing!!! XD but since recently there's more Uni and Gamma... so~ XD

maddie28710 - exactly!!! DX his "Hashire" in the latest rebocon was nice!!! X3

Tsuna said...

Whaat ?!! Go-Gokudera' Not Coming ?!! Nooon!! I Loove Gokudera!! And Chrome.... -,- I'm So Saad... Buut I'm Soo Happy Desu! Fraan's Coming!! And Xanxus, Squalo, Belphegor! YEAAH!!! :)

-ying- said...

lol! i can't wait to see Fran too!!! X3 X3

Anonymous said...

every one's come

-ying- said...

oo! arigatou~~~