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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Album Song "Blue" ~rivale~ [cover+information]

Check out the complete post for the BLUE album~~~

YES!!! i found the cover of the new Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Song "BLUE" ~rivale~ which will only be out on the 18th August 2010 (XD not as excited as what i felt for the "RED" album though... XD BUT! i AM waiting for Shou-chan and Spanner's duet!!!! X3) from this site~~ =/ i dunno, but i wish the song is leaked and posted in youtube earlier~ XD

Character Album
SONG "BLUE" ~rivale~

release date: 18th August 2010

01. End:Res - Rokudo Mukuro
03. BREAK OUT - Squalo
04. bloody prince - Belphegor
05. Special Illusion - Fran
06. PARADE - Byakuran
07. SIMULATION - Irie Shouichi & Spanner
08. Kyouki no Hana - Kikyo

[Title - Singer]
01. End:Res - Iida Toshinobu
02. FLAMING RAGE - Ikeda Masanori
03. BREAK OUT - Takahashi Hiroki
04. bloody prince - Fujiwara Yuuki
05. Special Illusion - Kokuryu Sachi
06. PARADE - Ohyama Takanori
07. SIMULATION - Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Tsuda Kenjiro
08. Kyouki no Hana - Kato Kazuki

sou~ that's about that... i can't go online for long now~ so ciao ciao~~~ X3

lol...deja vu.. yeah... i've typed something similar like this in one of my past post on the "RED" album XD

DX BAD NEWS... but GOOD NEWS at the same time... there will be one more Weekly Shonen Jump manga on Onemanga... one last issue... *cries*

anyways, once the songs are out, this otaku here will post the download links and lyrics asap~ but most probably....it'll be delayed... cause there will be a test coming up just around the release date... T^T mu!~~~


Arya said...

Can't wait *_______*

kotomi-chan said...

First: Thank you very much for the download links to songs! Arigato gozaimasu! ^^
Second: I will more visit your site 'cause you have so much news about everything with khr! :)
Third: I want this cd!! xD

-ying- said...

@Arye - same here desu!!!

@kotomi-chan - lol, 1.npnp^^ 2. thank you!!!! thank you thank you!!!
3. me too!!! DX


-ying- said...

sorry...typo... should be Arya... not Arye...sorry to the EXTREME!!!

mudfaerie said...

A download link to the album has been leaked! It's the first link, I've checked it and it all seems to be good.


mudfaerie said...

Sorry about the double comment, but if you're interested, I tried to change the lyrics into romaji. (There's probably alot of mistakes though.)
They are on this page.

shaylynn said...

1) OMG I LOVE THIS SITE!! IT HAS EVERYTHING I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! (songs, lyrics, albums, items, etc.)
2) in case you didnt know the songs are leaked onto youtube so listen to them and please someone make lyrics!!! i would really appreciate it. especially for spanner and sho-chan! arigatou!!!

-ying- said...

@mudfaerie - thanks!!! ^o^ lol! don't worry, i don't mind multiple commenting since i rarely get comments... XD

@shaylynn - X3 THANK YOU TO THE EXTREME!!!! X3 lyrics and download links posted~~~ =D

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NanakoSummer7 said...

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