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Friday, July 30, 2010

Vongola Rings New/Original Version [merchandise] + KHR chapter 300 *SPOILER*

OMG OMG OMG!!! check out these awesome images on the new/original version of Vongola Rings!!!! it's real!!! not ripped from the manga or anime (it's still yet to be aired rite??? =/ i dunno cause i don't watch the anime anymore...)

just a reminder...

yes... though they're more or less ripped, but i edit them... so bear with me... XD
they are cool TO THE EXTREME!!! so cool that i will kill to get my hands on one!!!
They are nothing like the previous ones

and compare the details with the (self-coloured) manga! DX superb!!!


other stuff i want...

X3 so cool!!! Lal's pacifier~~~

ring~ ring~ Mare Rings, Varia rings and Vongola Sky Ring~ that one with the skull... i'm not sure whose, but is it Gokudera's??? XD

Hibird as a bowl... so~ XD Hibowl~~~ super cute...

DX i frigging want this!!!! it's not because of Gokudera, it's because of the skull design... the other design was the ring's crest... but this is the coolest!!!! X3

Box weapons~ look at the details!!! gosh!!!

[images ripped from RebornGoods and the manga and edited by fullbustergray *points to myself XD*]
and btw, i saved the images yesterday... so when i visited RebornGoods earlier today... the merchandise images on the new rings vanished... DX
oh and also... if you visit RebornGoods, you will find out that i rip the picture from there and make it my blog header too... XD

RebornGoods banzai!~


Have you read chapter 300 of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!?

the accessories are... *fangirl scream* *faints*


only four appear though.... T_T
i want my Yamamoto's!!!! damn you Amano Akira!!! How can you make me hate you and love you so much at the same time!!!

and lol, i wonder what will Lambo's accessories be... O_O horns??? XD hair clips? oh what the heck... but the problem is... where to read the chapters to come?!!! DX i will miss you, OneManga!!!


Anonymous said...

http://ieatsoul.com/manga-releases/hitman-reborn-300-4427/?PHPSESSID=cq4n29iko8qf9dp0ho6da2ku62 here xD they're the same who pubblish Reborn chapters on OneManga

-ying- said...

uuuu!!!! thanks thanks!!!! X3 i love you to death!!! *huggies*

kotomi-chan said...

aaaa new rings!! Shimon will be dead! xDD I prefer this older.. are nicer, i think :) Lal's pacifier I want have on my neck! DX

iKaycee said...


That's where I'm reading KHR right now. :3

Anonymous said...

yey :)

-ying- said...

@kotomi-chan - nuu!!! i like the new ones!!! X3 lol!!! me too!!! me too!!! Lal's pacifier looks super nice!!! well, a little better than the other pacifiers... XD

@ikaycee-cool! i can even read lotsa lotsa other mangas there!!!! *o*


iKaycee said...

Oh yeah. I got an account on ieatsoul since you need to sign up there before you can access their links.

Now, there's no need to be sad because One Manga is closing up.

Well, I hope I lessened your sadness. :3

Tieria said...

Hahaha~ Your Vongola rings image surprised me~! XD

It looks neat, but it's not the real design... >_<

I've already got the whole set of it... Hn... The original design follows the one in the manga(more details and engravings and such)~ XD

If you haven't got them yet~ Try going to Pan in The Box... I hope you're in Singapore though... >_<

yukio orihara said...

whaaaaaa~~~~~~~~ i want hibari's bracelet!!!>>.<<

and lal's pacifier is cool..XD

i want fran's hell rings too..>>.<<

-ying- said...

@iKaycee - HEY!!! i made an account there already as well!! X3 i love that scanlator!!! X3

@Tieria - nono! don't be mistaken... i guess there are really a few sets out there that can be considered original since there are a few manufacturer or something... but this is the only one i found in the reborngoods.com site... =D HEY!!! KORA! i'm going singapore around christmas!!! X3 i'ma checking it out!!! X3

@yukio orihara - I KNOW!!! me too!!! but most of all! THE RINGS!!! DX

Unknown said...

I prefer Mangastream better, they are really consistent and have various projects :)
But as along as I get to read KHR, I don't care about the scanlation group xD
you can read it from mangareader.net

-ying- said...

@Unknown - but sometimes right... Mangastream's translation and words used are a little bit off... ~_~ but they are really really consistent though~ x3~

yeah~~~ i like mangareader better than mangafox too!!! x3~

Unknown said...

can you help me or tell me where i could buy tsuna sawada's x version ring???

saint said...

where can i buy tsuna ring of the sky version x ring and hayato's buckle of storm version x too

Drakona said...

way to kill a fangirl <3