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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! NEWS~ + late post~

i just checked PonyCanyon's Rebocon site!~ note! I RIPPED EVERYTHING FROM THERE!! =D

the casts for REBOCON 4 is updated!!!~

okay! i admit, i have n idea what the 2nd screenshot is about... =.='
(look for the * if you have read my previous post on Rebocon 4 for the additional info~)

Rebocon 4 ~RED~

9 October 2010:

10 October 2010:
1. 12:00/13:00
2. 16:00/17:00

venue: (most probably... idk kanji... XD)
JCB Hall

Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Yamamoto Takeshi: Inoue Suguru
Sasagawa Ryohei: Kiuchi Hidenobu
Hibari Kyoya: Kondo Takashi
Sasagawa Kyoko: Inamura Yuuna
Miura Haru: Yoshida Hitomi
Lambo: Takeuchi Junko
I-Pin: Chiang Li Mei
Dino: KENN
Basil: Terasaki Yuka

*Rokudo Mukuro: Iida Toshinobu

(...What is Mukuro doing here in the "Red" Rebocon =.=' i want Chrome! and Gokudera!!! DX)
Rebocon 4 ~BLUE~

13 November 2010:

14 November 2010:
1. 12:00/13:00
2. 16:00/17:00

venue: (most probably... idk kanji... XD)
JCB Hall

Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Rokudo Mukuro: Iida Toshinobu
XANXUS: Ikeda Masanori
S. Squalo: Takahashi Hiroki
Belphegor: Fujiwara Yuuki
Fran: Kokuryu Sachi
Byakuran: Ohyama Takanori
Irie Shouichi: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Uni: Nanjou Yoshino

*Yamamoto Takeshi: Inoue Suguru
Sasagawa Ryohei: Kiuchi Hidenobu
Spanner: Tsuda Kenjiro
Kikyo: Kato Kazuki

(*flies to heaven* what can be better than Spanner and Kikyo coming??? YAMAMOTO!!!! X3 SUGURU!!!! X3!!!)


The Rebocon in Taipei will be on DVD!~
(directly quoted from the site~)

【価 格】¥4,200(税抜価格¥4,000)
【品 番】DMBS.00109
【特 典】リボコン台湾パンフレット日本語ver(初回生産のみ)

okay, my bad translation goes like this~

Release date : 3 November 2010
Price : 4200 yen
...others i have no idea... XD

casts involved:
Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Gokudera Hayato: Ichinose Hidekazu
Yamamoto Takeshi: Inoue Suguru
Sasagawa Ryohei: Kiuchi Hidenobu
Hibari Kyoya: Kondo Takashi
Rokudo Mukuro: Iida Toshinobu

COVER of this DVD has yet to be leaked~ lol~


Remember, (taken if you read my previous posts...) i've talked something about a new character song compilation CD or something... actually i intentionally left out the OST news... lol no reason actually... just that i feel that my japanese sucks so much that i barely understand them... anyways~

directly quoted

●新録のボーナストラックとして キャラクター総出演の楽曲を収録!

【品 番】PCCG.01119
【価 格】¥2,730(税込価格 ¥2,600)


Release Date : 15 September 2010
Price : 2730 yen

Track Listing:
Hitotsu Dake - Sawada Tsunayoshi (Kokubun Yukari)
Ore Kara no Message - Reborn (Neeko)
Hashire - Gokudera Hayato (Ichinose Hidekazu)
Ashita ni Mukatte - Yamamoto Takeshi (Inoue Suguru)
Horizon - Hibari Kyoya (Kondo Takashi)
Hareta Sora Miagete - Sasagawa Ryohei (Kiuchi Hidenobu)
JUMP!!! - Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru (Inamura Yuuna & Yoshida Hitomi)
Tanoshiku Nacchau Uta - Lambo & I-Pin (Takeuchi Junko & Chiang Li Mei)
Kiouku no Hate - Rokudo Mukuro (Iida Toshinobu)
Namida no Ondo - Chrome Dokuro (Akesaka Satomi)
[BONUS TRACK] Mirai no Oozora e

i dunno who are the singers for the bonus track... but i assume it's all the casts? O_O


【品 番】PCCG.01120
【価 格】¥2,940 (税抜価格 \2,800)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OST Target 4! (This is definitely not the real stuff! i just simply translate de!)

Release date : 15 September 2010
Price : 2940 yen
[Bonus track]! Famiglia~Chinese Ver - from rebocon in Taipei

DX there's chinese version?! WTF!!! NO FAIR!!! i wanna go TAIPEI for that Rebocon!!! DX but... i wonder how it will turn out... WAIT!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I COMPLAINING ABOUT!? i was not even sure if i translate it correctly... O_O

REBORN! NEWS ENDS HERE FOR NOW~ on with the late post~


lol, i was tagged by chiaki for this quiz thingy around August 3rd lol! so this is a super late post~ XD

don't ask me about my answers, i type the first thing that comes to mind... Seriously!

1.) What is your name: Beh Ying Ying
2.) A four letter word: Base
3.) A boy's name: Byakuran (DX first name that crossed my mind)
4.) A girl's name: Barbara (RANDOM MUCH!)
5.) An occupation: Barber
6.) A color: Brick-red
7.) Something you wear: Baggy T's
8.) A food: Bowl... wait... Banana! UU!!! biscuits!
9.) Something found in the bathroom: brush~
10.) A country: Brazil
11.) A reason for being late: Being too caught up watching TV?
12.) Something you shout: BREAK OUT!
13.) A movie title: Bystanders (a korean movie if i'm not mistaken O_O)
14.) Something you drink: Big cup of coffee~ (can't think of one, sorry...)
15.) A musical group: The Babystars (does band counts? lol)
16.) An animal: Bobcat?
17.) A street name: B.....?
18.) A type of car: errr....I DUNNO!!!
19.) An internet site/blogsite: Barghers?
20.) A song: Boys & Girls - LM.C
21.) A President's name: Badawi (not the full name XD)
22.) A cartoon character: Batman?
23.) Name of School: B... B... =.=?
24.) A sport: Badminton!
25.) A Latin word: I dunno latin!!!!

nuu, it's quite disappointing rite~! i dunno who to tag... so i tag everyone!!! XD

wah! i use so many blockquotes lol!

sore jya~ matta na~ X3


Anonymous said...

Gwaaaaaaaa I hope that the cast of Rebocon 4 will be update another time T___________________T I want Gokudera tooooo it's unfair!!

wakuwaku_sakura said...

Hi there! I would like to thank you for the links, lyrics, the latest news on KHR!!! You've done a great job on it and i'm very grateful to have found this site! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! Xie xie nie! ^^

+M!|k^S@n+ said...

I got hear before the chinese version... I burst out laughing and i dun wan to hear again XD !! That's my opinion on tat song.. I duno urs >< !!

-ying- said...

@Anonymous - it is updated! Gokudera and Chrome will be there~ X333

@wakuwaku_sakura - npnp!~ ^o^ i just wanna spread the LOVE of anime & manga and KHR!~ nonono! thanks for reading my blog desu!~

+M!|k^S@n+ - EH?! i wan hear!!! where did you get it?? i've never heard it before!!! T_T

Hikaru Alin said...

Why they held Rebocon at Malaysia???!!!! TTTTT^TTTTT

-ying- said...

yeah!!! i would definitely go!!! no matter where it is!!!

even sabah / sarawak!!! i will even fly there!!!! DX

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Is there will be a new season of REBORN! ?
Please Tell Me