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Saturday, August 6, 2011

KHR manga review target #348

have you read chapter 348 at MangaStream? yes? no? anyway, my review for this chappie is next~ read at your own risk XD and i too lazy to upload any pictures XD

XD! this chappie is hilarious! this is one of the rare times where you get to see the funny side of pineapple Mukuro!~ XD Fran has a way to make every single one feel depressed XD but Mammon is funny! she was played around by Reborn! XD she worried so much about reading it... and actually it was just as Reborn planned XD

oo! Fran finally showed his face, at page #4 at MangaStrean XD! so damn cute!!!! not much difference, just suuuuuu damn cute! hey! why Amano Akira-san still refuse to show his hair DX

hmm... nothing much to say about this chapter leh ~_~ the joy of reading this chapter is the way Fran talks and the other people's expression! XD i laughed hardest at the pineapple's part!!!! XDD!!! PINEAPPLE FAIRY!!!! XD! EPIC!!!

to the point both Kokuyo and Varia do not want Fran, since he lost his memory XDD!

the plot twister is the Arcobaleno's side... the mystery on the Clear Pacifierr... why the babies have someone in mind and we don't =(

aa~ and about who Fran might choose... i think it's Varia... for some reason, i think Amano Akira-san will give us moar Fran X Bel XDD!

anyways... i'm pretty shocked that the Cervello girls didn't appear in the Inheritance Arc o.o

ja~ till next week~


Usagichan96 said...

I liked the chapter overall, and I think Fran will go to the varia. oh, and pineapple fairy is WIN <3

-ying- said...

i know right! this chapter omg!!!!! KHR, this time, KHR ISH REALLY BACK! THE GOOD OLD KHR IS FINALLY BACK!!!!