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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animax Carnival 2012 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!~


hai long time no see! /shot *rubs face on my own blog* i miss you, do you know that? it's been a while since i last blogged... ah~ it was on that gloomy Valentine's Day =w=~ and that was cause i failed my driving test~ but the next week when i retook it, i passed! ^O^~ cause i bribed the officer =w=~ /thick-skinned... but only half of it~ my slope, parking and three-point turn went smoothly =w=V!

lol~ and ever since college started, it's been really busy and tiring X_X~~ especially recently when most of us are to prepare for the Learning Carnival/Open Day on the 17th and 18th March~ i'm going to be there for the Anime Club booth at my campus ^O^~

oya! did i mention??~ i am the Vice-President of the Anime Club at my campus!!! and my President is a Japanese =w=~ /feels blissful... (he would have thought of me as a complete freak when he sees this... thank god no one there actually read this XD) the staff advisor is also a Japanese, i think @_@~ and there's one more Japanese girl member there~ =w=~ aaa~~~~ there aren't many Japanese in my campus~ there are more Koreans~ =3=~

anyways~for the Learning Carnival, we planned to do some cosplaying and okonomiyaki at the booth~~~ i'ma singing with Yume no Tsubasa with Natalie and Michelle and a few other duets with Michelle~ my kaichou (damn i sound like Usui XD jokes) plans to do Caramell Dansen to after my persistent pestering :'D i'm a good Vice eh? XD~ i plan to drag more people to do Caramell Dansen~ :'D

That aside, i went to Animax Carnival 2012 at 1 Utama today~ i found out about it through my Kaichou~ =w=b~ thank god!!!! if not i wouldn't be send to heaven once more~ aa~ it was heaven for me! seriously!!~

the full album of the pics i took there:
Animax Carnival @ 1Utama (Mar 11, 2012)

i went there around 10.30am to meet up with Natalie and Michelle to do some shopping so that us three would have the same clothings on the Carnival on 17th and 18th~ yare yare yare~ we found a suitable skirt and scarf to go with plain shirts~ we had sushi and then searched for the Purikura and got some pics~ it was tonnes of fun!!! and by the time we are done, it was already 2pm~ time flies! the event starts on 12pm =w=~

but before the event, i saw this two cosplayers and asked to take their pics~ it must be awkward to do that before the events @_@~ but i don't care anymore!!! i need moar moar moar cosplay pics!!! and i don't want to miss taking pics of the awesome cosplayers!

by the time we got to the event's place~ the place is well.... flooded X_X~ it's not as packed as compared to Comic Fiesta... but then since it's in a mall... it's quite crowded X_X~ but then i managed to grab some awesome pics~ =3

Rin in between Pandora Hearts' Echo and Alice =w=~ Natalie, Michelle and i met that Rin before this an she have not changed that time and she was so cute already! after changing... holly omaigad! cuteness overload *faints* the White Alice's clothes was really well done!~and that Echo~ so cute!!!

XD!!! this was epic!!! they have Baby Beel's mascot and i managed to catch him getting down of the stage XD! it looks like as though it's going to take his life away X_X~ it must have been hard to move in that costume~ X_X~

someone... please tell me where is this character is from??? she looks awesomely badass /shot

this group looks lively~ =w=~~~ the Len (?) on the right looks so adorable! XD~

The guy on the right is just someone who wanted to take pics with this Miki =3=~ i don't have other shots of this group =3=~ i super love the Gumi in Matryoshka jacket! she look so damn cool~i have other shots of her~ she looks even more badass in those~ =w=~

XD~ i kind of found two Tsuna-s at once~ XD~

i'm not sure about this... but is this Vampire Knight??? i think so... but i don't know who @_@~ the girl is another one who wanted to get a shot with them~ the one i like most is the guy with black hair hiding behind the red haired one~ XD!!!! so cute!!!! x3!!

Natsu from Fairy Tale~!!!! he was standing outside the toilet door when i spotted him~XD~~~not bad eh?~ he has got the muscles~~~x3~

and i tend to find same characters in a row

Female Natsu!!! and Tennis no Oujisama, Ryoma Echizen right?~ x3~ seldom i see people cosplaying Tennis no Oujisama~

agah!!! super cute!!! but i don't know who she was cosplaying @_@!!!

Echo and White Alice again~ :3~ i really liked them~

Letter Bee!!! he's the only one cosplaying Letter Bee T~T~ the girl beside him is Michelle~~~ GYAH!!!! he gave her his hat!!!! nuuu!!! i wanted to have it to~ so for the very first time, i took a pic with a cosplayer (usually i would just take their pics)

agah! i shall not put my own pic in my blog anymore T_T~~~ i'm so ugly ;__;~ but then~~~ look at my over-excited face~ i was literally jumping up and down and hyperventilating and chasing after awesome cosplayers and stopping them in the middle of the corridor or something *guilty laugh*

She is pretty!!!!but again... i'm not very sure who she is :S~

RED ALICE SPOTTED!!!! nyuuu!!! why you no together with White Alice and Echo =3=~~~ that would make a nice group pic~ =w=~ and i like her dress!!! =3=~~~

the first cosplayer i saw before this XD~ the character she is cosplaying... it somehow rings a bell... but i can't really recall it T_T~~~ Rozen Maiden? no? @_@~

the another first cosplayer i met~~~~ i really like this shot!!! it somehow crreates a scene!!! simply brilliant for this Miku and Kaito to bring the balloons~ it really made the whole thing look perfect!!!

weird combination~ it's funny you know~ cause one of the started posing with hands in front like in the pic... and the others asked ,"why that pose" and got a reply, "don't know" then they all started making this pose XD!!!! Ulqiourra or however you spell it @_@~ and Orihime from Bleach~ the one with yellow hair clip... i cant really recall who she was... and i suppose the left one is Nana~?

This Rin is cute desho~x3~~~

IchiRuki!~ /shot~

a bunch of Fairy Tail girls~~~~ Juvia~ Erza~ Lucy~~~ x3~~~

Itachi!!! he was really damn cool!!!! he's really into Itachi's character!~ *Q*~ oh and~ introducing my Anime Club Kaichou!!~ Masakazu Yamashita~ the one on the right wearing yellow~ and the one on the left is Oliver~ oh well~ solo shot~

Another!!! if i'm not mistaken~~~ cause i'm practically left out from almost all the newest animes X_X~

Yukio from Ao no Exorcist~ this guy!!! XD! i didn't get to capture his best part but... he actually drew the extra moles on his face~~~ =w=~

i thought it was Gola Moska... so i took this pic~ o.o~ but it's not right? =3=~

bishoujo~ gyah~~ always make me feel so jealous and yet excited /is perverted

a TYL Gokudera passed by in front of me and i shamelessly stopped him and took a pretty close-up pic~ XD

AND AND!!! NOW!!! MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE!!!!! well... i admit it's because she's my favourite female character~~
ELSIE-CHAN!!!! from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai!!!! SHE'S SO DAMN ADORABLE!!!!!

SHO DAMN CUTE RIGHT~~~~~? and *confess* i was tempted to ask her,"did you see Kami-nii-sama anywhere?? I'm desperate to get one Keima pic with you~ and i need fanservice!" /shot... thank god i didn't ask... i would have been kicked 100 miles away X_X~

she's pretty! her outfit is very well-done too~~

Matryoshka Gumi and Miki!!!! *fangirl scream to death* *ignores oliver and Kaichou* GOD!!!! THIS GUMI LOOKS SUPER BADASS AND COOL HERE RIGHT?!~~~ agah.... and i'm jealous of Kaichou! Miki is leaning so close to him =3=~ i want Miki!!!

another shot of the Matryoshka Gumi~~~ with Michelle~ =w=~

Mukuro~ TYL~~~

T_T~ bad shot with the girl T_T~ one more shot!

AWESOME!!! she's so pretty!~ x3~~~

Miku Miku!!!~ i like her sleeves!~ lol~ random right? XD

Chrome, Mukuro TYL and Ryohei TYL~~~ x3~ minus Vocaloids, KHR is pretty famous eh?~ x3~~ oh the joy~ lol

i'm not sure who is this @_@~~~someone! tell me!!! agah~~~

Naruto who is unaware of a stalker here XD

Miku and the other girl just plugged in to music and started dancing~ cool right?~

another stalker-ish shot... but i really like this Miku's blouse!!! x3~

so cute right?~ x3~

another cute one~~~ x3~ but i'm again not sure who she was cosplaying @_@~

This one is also one of my favourites!!!! she's so adorable!!!! i feel like hugging her!!! and never let go!!! OAO!

Something i didn't have a chance to take a pic~ a group of Nurarihyon no Mago cosplay!!!! OAO!!!! it's rare!!! why won't you guys stop somewhere and let me take a pic T_T~~~

this one too i guess~ the colour of her dress is abit off though =3=~ it's supposed to be grey... but then she's so cute~~~ =w=~~~

Chii (chobits), Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) and Miku ... weird combination @_@~ but nice~

C.C and Euphemia from Code Geass~~~ =w=~~~ yeahs!!! it's been a long time since i saw a Code Geass cosplay~ =w=~

Female Okumura Rin fro Ao no Exorcist!~ the other one... i don't know X_X~

AGYAH!!! a whole group of Fairy Tail!!! the Loki... in the middle~ was really super cool! but i missed the chance to grab the picture of him~ T_T~~~

and then i found a missing member~~~ GRAY FULLBUSTER!!!! mai favourite character from Fairy Tail *points at my nickname - fullbustergray*

*nosebleed* quite hot right?~~~ x3!!!

a rare one!!! Haruhi Suzumiya!!!~

another rare one~ Kisuke Urahara~~~ from Bleach~

i thought this was nice~ is this Inazuma Eleven?? @_@~

a group~ they are product of some professional make-up artist or whatsoever @_@~ but i don't really like their make-up =3=~~ .... but who am i to talk right? *shrugs*

Another pretty rare one~ Misa Amane~ Death Note!~ Damn! she's pretty!!! and cute!!! x3~~~ i love her!!~

oo~ and the truth is... i really never even entered the event itself... i was just hanging around the area taking pics XD~~~ those who enter would've gotten a ticket worn around their wrist~ but i spent too much time with taking pics and when my sister called... i had to leave without entering the event itself~ and just to show how the event looks like~

hmm~ the line is not as bad as that at Comic Fiesta =w=~ /shot! i miss Comic Fiesta too much~~

a~ this is the day 2 of the event~~~ i couldn't go on Saturday :'( anyways~all in all~ it was heaven!!! and i got to meet again with Ee Wei whom i met at Comic Fiesta~ XD~~~ so sorry for flooding my blog with photos again T_T~~~ till next time~~~ *waves*


Sarah Xd said...

happy to see a new post from you ^^ (time flow so fast~)
woah these pictures are really pretty :) you have good cosplayers in your country ;) wish there was something like this at my place to ...damn tha germany haven't so much with cosplay ;__;

i enjoyed your new post ~<3
waiting for new one ~;)

←To tothe Fu→ said...

I keep laughing whn u say Gola Moska !!! Wahahahaha!!!!

Hope I can attend event like tis someday~~ T.T

Ying I damn miss u lah !!
Oh ya, Ying, check out the MiRaCle's youtube when u free ~~ ^^

Naito Ryuu said...

The picture of the girl with the bloody bunny is cosplaying one of the monsters in RO (Ragnarok Online) She's known as Carris
The Ryoma Echizen is Kelly
The female Natsu is Akane
The cute Rin Mastryoshka is MitsuKi
The Rin in between the Pandora Hearts characters is Kimberly

The awesome badass cosplay is Karakuri Burst version of Len Kagamine.


Miyamori Ryuki said...

omg you went to animax carnival? OAO!!!!! OMG I WANTED TO GO SO MUCH QAQ I WANT TO LIVE KL LIKE SERIOUSLY OMG QAQ nvm, i can wait until i graduate and ultimate limitless cosplay and events 8D!!!!!! Anyway there's a AFA in Malaysia on 9th and 10th June at Putra World Trade Centre xD

тσмσε ʀιи said...

I can't wait to finish study so that I can cosplay ><
I want to go to these events too :( But don't have in Ipoh OTL

Riri chii said...

I want to go that carnival soo much!!I have driving test at that time!! TwT lucky u!! enjoy reading ur blog!! XDD

Train said...

The girl that holding katana with black uniform on the upper lists of photo? She was cosplaying Len from the song Karakuri Burst~

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.