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Sunday, September 30, 2012


I seem to be doing everything but studying...since i am blogging with my mobile, there will be an image all the way below all these ramblings~ its my coffee cup in a container partially filled with water... why? To be build a water bridge so that those stupid annoying ants won't steal my coffee anymore :(

Anyhow, for the whole day, i have been redownloading and reinstalling the software i used to have on my lappie. And it is a total pain! Some are licensed while some files are just far too huge! Gah! Okay, i am now on mobile for a reason - stay away from all those and study! Osu!!

And! I think i am a potential psychopath! I get annoyed or happy very easily and sometimes for no reason at all... ...*don't know what else to say* till next time~

And o! Happy mooncake festival!~

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