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Sunday, September 16, 2012


The bad things about being able to obtain your results online are:

- you get depressed
- you don't know what went wrong
- you get anxious waiting for schooling days to come so that you can get your answer sheets back
- you know you might get bad comments from teachers/lecturers
- you know that you didn't study enough for the test/exam

Blargh, i don't know what i am typing anymore... i am so depressed i can't think straight... now that my parents know about my marks,they start nagging T.T and i can't even tell them what's the problem...

*sigh* i did especially bad for my Biology...the paper on the first day of the exam period... and right before that, i went AniManGaki 2012... i am starting to wonder if going to the event did affect my results that much TAT

-insert crying pictures-

1 comment:

Sarah said...

please cheer up, alright *puppy eyes* :)?
I know this feeling,....but yeah,
"one should never regret what he has done"- or something like this ^^
i'm sure you did your best ~<3