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Sunday, December 23, 2012

oTaKu DeSu!~ reports! Comic Fiesta 2012 [CF12] Day 1 - We postponed Doomsday :)

Hey Hey!~ waking up in the early morning to get ready to be early for Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2~ Yesterday~ Day 1 was a blast!

I reach there and i didn't know where to queue up... T_T~ i walked up and down the convention centre like a crazy woman...i just thank god my early bird ticket doesn't make me part of this disastrously long line....

And this is not even 1/8 the line... i didn't bother to find a nice angle of the whole crowd there XD

when i knew where to line up... i was way behind most of the people already ;A;)~

lalalalala~ entered the exhibition hall~ and YES! I SEE A WHOLE STRETCH OF AWESOME BOOTHS!!!! BOTH EXHIBITORS AND DOUJINS! X3!

the doujin area was kinda terribly paced because of the huge crowd ;A;)~ no one gets out of CF12 without bumping in to less than 30 humans... :/ i guess XD~ but that's cool~ the things they have there, are just too awesome!

i didn't take much cosplay pics~ but here are some of my favourite ones~ well~ it's cause i don't wanna spend too much time uploading~

[click here for all the photos i took on CF12 Day 1]

(this Hibari is my friend~ XD her name's Hui Ling~ her first time cosplaying~ and i think it's pretty cool!)

this is Haruki-nyan~ x3~ first time meeting my dear punk hime~

the one on the left, she's a friend from my college XD~ managed to catch her walking around the booths with her cosplayer friend~ XD~

anyways~ some of my loot from CF122 Day 1
[click here for all the loot i've got OvO~]

Jiann, my ex-classmate, got me these~! thank you, Jiann!!~ ^O^~

Things i got from Xsaye's booth~ i became a fan of her since AniManGaki 2012

some items i got from Coffytiam~ the CF12 merchandise booth~

i managed to meet a lot of my online friends there too~~~ i met up again with Nagi, Fishy, Hui Ling and Abbby~ i was tagging along with them during last year's CF XD~ then i saw Hui and Min~ we've been chatting through the internet for a long time already!~ same goes to Aero Bakemono~ i saw Haruki-nyan too~ but it was quite a pain looking for people there OTL.... it's just too huge and too crowded OTL and i failed to meet Ee Wei... ;__;)~

Okay! i'm off to shower and rushing off to KLCC for CF12 Day 2~ ^O^~


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Thanks for the photo :)

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