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Sunday, December 2, 2012

SCANDAL Special Live in Malaysia 2012 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!


SCANDAL Special Live in Malaysia 2012 was a blast!~

I arrived there at around 2.30pm and I'm already quite late... I was queueing on the first floor while the 2nd floor was already long packed with people~ most of them have the SCANDAL Queens are Trumps T-shirts on~ both black and orange!~ i feel so fail as a fan OTL... i noticed there are two young girls there~ i'm sure they are really really big fan of SCANDAL~ i heard them shouting when SCANDAL sang their new song~ X3~

well... *ahem*~ lemme start again at the queueing part~ when i arrived there, Yuki was already there~ X-X~ i was late~~ gomen, Yuki~ then we asked a kind-hearted guy to take care of our place in the queue while we grabbed Zinger burger from KFC opposite KL Live, the concert venue, for lunch~ (and the guy is really a super big fan, he actually went overseas, even Japan, to catch SCANDAL live in action! *salute*)

the pic of the queue in front of us... i didnt grab those people on the 2nd floor...XP

after a short while, a bus arrived and it seems like almost everyone started crowding to watch, i joined in! it was SCANDAL in the bus!! DAMN! i couldn't see anything! i'm too short! so i just stretched my hand and snapped the pics blindly with my camera X_X~

my best two shots... OTL others are just pics of the other guy's heads... OTL BUT! i managed to catch a brief glimpse of RINA~ just a short while... Yuki saw her too~ x3~

after a while two of Yuki's friends joined in~ we chatted only a little though :x~ Yuki gave us all some lolipop~ X3~ thank you, Yuki!~

at around 4.30, i think... not too sure~ they started selling the merchandise~ Yuki's friends when up first while we secured our spot in the line... then it's our turn!!!

NUFUFUFU!!!! I bought 2 SCANDAL albums~ SCANDAL SHOW and Queens are Trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen-~ both are CD+DVD sold at RM55 each! which i think is super worth it!!!! i mean, usually it's sold at a higher price, no? //doesn't know much cause the only other album i bought was FLOW's album which was sold at the anisong concert during AFAMY12~ its only RM50~ so i guess they are cheaper when sold at official events(?)~ but then they are not autographed... huhu...

okay, i bought 2 albums, one mobile strap cleaner, pin and 5 glow sticks~ the albums costed me RM110 and the other three RM70 altogether~(i forgot the break down of the price of the merchandise :P) Yuki bought 1 album, one mobile strap cleaner, mobile sticker, pin and 5 glow sticks~

The towel was not on sale yet at that time... so we just got back into the line just to feel all hungry~ Yuki's friends bought their dinner at KFC while Yuki got something from Subway~ I ate the sandwich i packed~ XD //was prepared to face hunger while in line... there are a few who was actually eating instant cup noodles! =w=b they are even well prepared!

then then around 6.15, we saw a guy carrying a pack of towels! hell! Yuki and I immediately went after him to the 2nd floor where the merchandise were sold~ but we were late already~ :( there was already a crowd there~ but we got our towels~ she got a dark blue one while i got a light blue one~ my favourite colour~ ^O^~ it costs RM35 each~

around 7.30, everyone started standing up and all as the door to the concert will be opened soon~ so i took the last pic before i switch off my mobile~ It's important to not record in the concert! //shot

anyways, that's a long queue behind us... i didnt notice that earlier cause i couldn't see what's going on on the ground floor~

because i brought too many recording devices, i had to dump my mobile, camera and walkman in the plastic bag, secured by the people at the door XD but oh well~

we all went in and the VIP Zone was already crowded =.=' seems like everyone who was in fron of us bought the VIP tickets too OTL... Yuki and i were hunting for a better spot... so we settle at the left side where there are more younger girls... (the center is crowded with tall guys OTL)

we waited again for a while and we got bored, so we shouted in unison "SCANDAL SCANDAL" once in a while XD~ but there was an emcee(?) a guy who gave away free merchandise to those who can name the band members... and i was like "WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! who don't know the answer to that!??" iyes, i get jealous easily XP but then he gave one of it to a girl who came as early as 8am! which is like 12 hours before the concert! *salute!* and and! after some announcement by Captain from CosPlay-FUN, we found out that there are actually people who came from, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and even Japan! all for SCANDAL, and SCANDAL for all!!! ^O^!~

then off to the opening act by Hota-chan (?) i'm not sure, i couldn't catch her name properly, but she is a Malaysian and building her career as a singer-songwriter in Japan~ she is a very good singer~ she sang four songs, acoustic, with just her guitar and her friend as her percussionist~ but it was enough to reach our hearts with her smooth and yet powerful vocals!~ she is definitely going to do very well as a singer!

Then~ another round of waiting and some of us got super bored and start cheering even when the staff came up the stage to test out the instruments XD! especially those testing the guitars! XD! we are eagerly waiting for the background music to stop XD!~

then finally~ SCANDAL came up on stage!~ and i was standing right in front of TOMOMI in hot red dress!~ from where i stood, i almost couldn't see RINA at all! but i could see our beautiful HARUNA in the middle and MAMI!~ (she looks damn cute in ponytail!) i got so damn excited! and everyone started jumping and waving their glowsticks at the first song~~ i couldn't remember what song it was X_X~ (because i'm more familiar with their slightly older songs) but everyone just let loose and start screaming and jumping to the beat of their music~~

we enjoyed ourselves so much! and even if our ears felt like its blocked because of the loud music, but it doesn't matter! the music was just too awesome!! even if our throat hurts, we just screamed our heart out (although we can't even hear our own voice! XD drowned in others' shouts and cheers) i think the songs that gave us the MAX TENSION were HARUKAZE and LOVE SURVIVE~ just my opinion though~ but myself started jumping and shouting like a crazy woman during Shunkan Sentimental! cause its my favourite song XP~ ... well i admit, it's not just Shunkan Sentimental~ i was actually acting like a crazy woman throughout the performance!~

SCANDAL actually sang their new song here in Malaysia!!~ ^O^~ even Japan haven't heard it before! it's a very upbeat and cute song!!! uguu! imma looking forward to it!!! and their performance ended before we knew it! Obviously not feeling satisfied yet, the audience shouted "Mou Ikkai", "Encore" and "SCANDAL" continuously even when the staff started to collect their instruments, but no! we won't give up! we shouted and shouted until the staff brought out MAMI's guitar! and everyone shouted even louder~ YES~! and SCANDAL was up on the stage again and performed two (or was it three?) more songs~ i remember one of it was SCANDAL BABY and then HARUNA introduced the band members and RINA walked to the front! KYAA!!! RINA is so damn cute!!! (yes, she's my favourite member x3) and there's Taiyou Scandalous where everyone sang the "nanana" part together!~ okay... i admit, i was all blur about the song sequence, i'm not even sure whether the Taiyou Scandalous was an encore song OTL... but what i'm sure is TOMOMI actually asked us to get our towels and wave it in the air for their last song~

oh oh!~ and there's a fan at the stage~ and it blew on TOMOMI's hair~ it gave a nice effect which we always see in their PV!~ //shot

anyways~ SCANDAL said that the audience in Malaysia are really energetic and they even said that they will return to Malaysia again! KYAAA!!! SCANDAL! MATTERU YO!!!

after the performance, everyone just ripped the security bag and got their mobile or camera and started to go around and snap pictures XD here's what i got!~

there are four posters around the audience area~ (i forgot to turn on the flash while taking the poster of TOMOMI OTL... i realised that only when i got home OTL)

was about to leave the performance area~

some pics i took outside~

if you look close enough you can spot a cosplayer~ i didn't approach him to snap a pic of him though~

but i did approach another two cosplayers~ XP

i could have taken more cospics if the cosplay event/competition in conjunction with the concert was not cancelled... it was announced in CosPlay-FUN's wordpress but god knows what happened to it... :(

and the huge banner hung at the building

i couldn't get a brighter shot... :(

anyways~ i'm all tired after i got home and i just bathed, drank lots of water to quench my thirst after all my shouting and went straight to sleep XD~ so that's why i'm only posting this now~ XD //sleeps a lot

this is all the merchandise i got put together~

i changed my mobile strap to this SCANDAL mobile strap cleaner~ (now i can clean my screen without having to look for tissues XD)

and added the SCANDAL pin to the other buttons on my bag!~ ^O^

oisu! that's all for SCANDAL Special Live in Malaysia 2012 event (XD though i know it's a long post XD)~

thank you for bearing with my always-so-lengthy post~ and my post isn't always compact like all the other event reports seen elsewhere~ i'm not quite used to the style and i always just blurt out whatever i think and feel!~ even in real life :)~

till next time!~ :D (*hint* Comic Fiesta 2012 *hint*)


ღ✰ ハルキレイ ✰ღ said...

Evidence that you had a great time there! =]

Bernice said...

I went there as well!!!!!!! I was right in front thank god ~ Thank god I was kinda small and the guys let me to the front >< Anyway nice to meet you SCANDAL fan and otaku as well ~ I am an otaku as well~

-ying- said...

@Haruki nyan - aye!!~ x)

@Bernice - omg!!! you got the front spot ;A;~ i envy youuuuu~~~ i was in the middle but the crowd at the centre was too tall so i moved to the left of the stage... at least i can see Tomomi from there~ XD~nice to meet SCANDAL fan!!!~~