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Friday, June 13, 2008

10 Fav Characters Version2

After getting tired of the "attempted" spoilers of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn by my friends, i decided to read the manga.

(okay... you can ignore those in grey fonts cause they are just my usual rambling...)

(Okay, they know i hate spoilers and yet they just annoy me with spoilers... >.>) yeap... although all the while i like the manga better, i insisted to just wait for the anime cause i want to save the manga to read later (there ARE a lot of difference in the manga and it's more violent)... aiya, lazy to explain or it'll take up 10 paragraphs or more... =p

okay, to sum it all up, i read the mangas because i don't want to hear anymore spoilers. after reading the manga up to chapter 71, there are a few difference i have to make in my top 10 favourite characters in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. only a few though, and the top few still remains...XD

1. Yamamoto Takeshi


2. Sawada Tsunayoshi


3. Lal Mirch


4. Colonnello


5. Reborn


6. Hibari Kyoya


7. Sasagawa Ryohei


8. Chrome Dokuro


9. Bianchi


10.Rokudo Mukuro



Shuwen said...

Rokudo Mukuro is the only hot one here lahhh.
ape taste uve got.

yingying said...

wth... you actually like ONLY bishies....too bad....i'm not interested in bishies...humph...=<

Kikuko said...

dude, what the hell are you taling about!!?? >.< Hibari is the hottttesttt!!!!! OMG, Hibari is soooo my taste.