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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


okay... i just found a totally hilarious anime: Gintama. it never fails to make me laugh... i don't really know what it is all about 'cause i think it's still on the 'introduction arc'... (yeah... i've only watch the 3rd episode up till now...)
i really do wish to see Gintoki(the main character) in some serious battles... but i won't mind if it's all just comedy, 'cause it's sooooooooo FUNNY...XD
PLUS! Gintoki reads Jump!!!XD

I found a lot of pictures from the Crunchyroll Gintama photo album. then i finally realised that it is a Parody anime.

Check out these parodies, it makes me laugh a lot.

parody of Prince of Tennis (aka Tennis no Ohjisama)... they put one of the photo title as "Prince of Badminton"...XD XDDDD

Futari wa Pretty Cure...=.= somehow it makes me laughing no matter how many times i see this...

Bleach...0.o XDDD so cute~

=.= Dragonball...

Mario.??!!! what the heck?!

Okay, these are some more funny pictures.

This one is one of the creepiest...

Toilet bowls?!

o.0 gintoki's trying to be Buddha?

XD so cute~

what the hell is he holding???

is Gintoki THAT tasty???

Okay, at least i found some normal pictures there...XDD

P.S. - Gintama means Silver Soul...AND the 1st opening, Pray, is sooooo~ nice....=3

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Anonymous said...

gintama is the best ever, i loved it when they did the bleach parody. right down to his sword taking human form and talking to him. always makes me laugh