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Friday, June 20, 2008

Vongola Bosses!

Episode 87 of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn is uploaded in Crunchyroll yesterday (i just found out today...)
Spoilers for those who haven't watch this episode... and also some slight spoiler about Tsuna...(but people could have guessed the same thing) -Okay, this is just one of my ramblings, no need to understand what i have just written previously...=p

Yup... the nine previous Vongola Bosses made their first (and also 'un-earthly') appearance...

The Vongola bosses' snapshots from this episode...=3

Vongola Nono (Ninth)

Vongola Ottavo (Eighth)

Vongola Settimo (Seventh)

Vongola Sesto (Sixth)

Vongola Quinto (Fifth)

Vongola Quarto (Fourth)

Vongola Terzo (Third)

Vongola Secondo (Second)

Vongola Primo (First)

Tsuna (who will most probably be the Tenth Vongola Boss) resembles the Vongola Primo. They even have the same weapon. =.=
And typical, Tsuna resemble the strongest Boss, therefore, Tsuna might be the strongest among the 9 Bosses. And he is also being tested at such a young age compared to the other Bosses...
Haiz...It may be typical, but who cares, these type of storyline are the type i like most...=p and i like to see the way they fight...=3
(although Tsuna's new power has an extremely common name... =.=...)
*rambling rambling rambling*


MelancholyofChase said...

Hibari proves to be a tough coach in that episode. But as per usual Tsuna gets through it one way or another. The previous Vongola bosses are really interesting, I wish they'd expand on just how Vongola Quarto used forks to rule the Vongola family. I can't wait to see the next episode.

Beh Ying Ying said...

ahaha...yeah..can't imagine him fighting with a fork...XD and yeah, Hibari is really a good coach. much better than Lal.. and he really understand Tsuna...