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Saturday, July 26, 2008

another crappy crap...

YAY!!! let's cheer for my so darn crappy inconsistent internet connection...

1.) i can visit CR... but the videos won't load and it takes at least 7-9 minutes to load the page
2.) Onemanga is so darn slow
3.) i can't visit Youtube
4.) this internet keep on disconnecting by itself...
5.) everything is so darn slow
6.) images won't appear at Photobucket
7.) my blog page won't load
8.) when a page is loaded, IE got jammed
9.) when i attempted multiple tabs, my computer shut down
10.) i can't watch the latest episodes of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn...~~~

T^T i feel like crying.... why must my internet connection be this inconsistent...??? okay... scratch those crap, wee~ i'm home at last!!! i missed the whole week of animes... and of course not forgetting my friends here... >.0
i missed my computer, too! but sigh, it's not working at all properly... lah~ i'll just try to experiment some stuffs with GIMP.. oh ya, if there's anyone expecting for my reply in CR, i'm sorry cause i can't visit CR now... >.>
okay! go Hibari! o kick Genkishi and hammer him back to the end of the heaven!!!
AND i totally need to ketchup (woops) CATCH UP with a whole lot of manga series.... i just bought the latest Kreko today and just realized how left out am i in most of the series i've left behind for a while...
- Naruto
-->i didn't know there's a new character in Naruto

- Soul Eater
--> it was getting really interesting (from where i last read)

- Eyeshield 21
--> i just realized how different is the anime and the manga cause the anime don't have the Christmas Bowl while the manga does

- Bleach
--> i've left it cause it got a little draggy

- Mirai Nikki
--> just found this series and decided to read it on Onemanga cause it looks interesting

- Kekkaishi
--> the manga is the same as the anime, but it appears that the manga still continues, so i decided to start from the very first chapter

- Yakitate!! Japan
--> it's not Yakitate!! 9 in the manga, but it's Yakitate!! 25!!! a whole lot more breads to be read(that sounds totally weird)

- Fullmetal Alchemist
--> argh! Kapipi told me that the manga is much better than the anime, but i just remember it now when i saw it on Kreko

- Ueki no Housoku PLUS
--> i've been wanting to read it for a long time already

- One Piece
--> i kept forgetting about this series...T^T

there are also some manga series that i'm reading...XD i'm a pure manga nerd...doesn't seems like a manga list for a student like me...XD as if i have all the time in the world to read all those...
Crap~ i'll read a different series each time i go online... (not forgetting i can only online on weekends only...T^T)
oh btw, anyone know where i can read Samurai Deeper Kyo online???


blcdirty said...

You should give D.Gray-man a try. It should sparkle some interest since it aired the same time as KHR.

Beh Ying Ying said...

ah~ i forgot D.Gray-Man... i've wanted to watch that series also, but at that time, it was already licensed in CR... maybe i'll add that in my manga list...=3

it's been quite a long time when i read the first chapter... it's pretty interesting... the akumas are really special...XD

blcdirty said...

The anime is currently at the same episode as KHR, just that KHR releases on Sunday and D.Gray-man on Tuesday.

Oh speaking of Sunday, another great show which i'm sure you've heard of is Code Geass / Code Geass R2. If you're not already watching it, I seriously suggest you pick it up. The only problem is that it was licensed and I don't think you can find it on either CR or Youtube.

Beh Ying Ying said...

T^T i know... i wanted to catch up with the 1st season... BUT Veoh is no longer available in Malyasia....CRAP! curse! why this happen when i want to watch those series...T^T

i'll try some download sites Kapipi gave me months ago...

btw, where do you find all those animes???

blcdirty said...

Well, there are two main ways to obtain anime - Torrent or Direct download. I use both but it varies depending on my sources.

Most of the time i'm able to find direct download links but if I can't, i'll just have to torrent the files, but be warned, if you torrent moves at a fast speed, it'll only mean that you internet speed is being sapped by the torrent.

Beh Ying Ying said...

@.@ actually i still don't know what is torrent...T^T it's something like downloading rite? do you mind to explain about it a little to me, please?

blcdirty said...

Torrents are actually like downloads that will download by percentages and can be continued when you restart it. Not a very detailed explanation but it's pretty much like using a download accelerator.

The plus about downloading using torrents is that anime/raws always come out on torrent before direct downloads.

Beh Ying Ying said...

ooic.. i get it now..=3 thanks! i'll try check out here and there to learn how to download by torrent!