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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari

I listened to Blue Bird a couple of time and tried it on the piano.. it's really a nice song! even hani likes it!!! =3

so i dedicate this song to hani! =3
Hani, hope you'll like it. i'll try finishing the fic asap too.

i played the TV size. yeah... i know i made lot of slips and it doesn't sound right at certain parts... forgive me for that... >.> I'm not really good at piano and this is played by ear...PLUS this is the best i can do after a few minutes of practice... >.> *sigh*

so putting that poor audio aside, any comments?

the lyrics:

NARUTO opening 3

habata itara modorenai to itte
mezashita no wa aoi aoi ano sora

kanashimi wa mada oboerarezu
setsunasa wa ima tsukami hajimeta
anata e to idaku kono kanjou mo
ima kotoba ni kawatteku

michinaru sekai no yume kara mezameta
kono hane wo hiroge tobidatsu

habata itara modorenai no itte
mezashita no wa aoi aoi ano sora

tsukinuketara mitsukaru no shitte
furikiru hodo aoi aoi ano sora
aoi aoi ano sora
aoi aoi ano sora


Hani said...

Love it!!! X3
Since you made something for me, I will make something for you too! ^^
And thanks! ^^

Beh Ying Ying said...

XP you're welcome... i was afraid that you might not like it... =p

eh? really?? can't wait... waku waku...

oh, btw, i can't find anything for you when i'm at peneng... gomen... >.>

Hani said...

That's okay..
I was just teasing you that time... =p
Can't believe you fell for it... XP

Beh Ying Ying said...

erk... why do i always fall for that easily? ...