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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hibari style!

wootz! i have Namimori's school anthem as my ringing tone!!! Yeap! Hibari style!!!!

it'll sound like that...XD
but reminder to self... change the ringing tone if mum were to use it...>.> (i'm sharing my mobile phone with my mum...)
ohohoho... okay... this post is totally random... XD


KP4 said...

LOL that is really funny. Yeah it would be totally emberresing if you mom were to hear that. She would be like O_O LOL. My ring tone is the opening song to the second season of Higurashi.

Beh Ying Ying said...

XD yeaps...! XD

oh no~ reminds me... i haven't reply your PM yet... so sorry >.>

crap... and i haven't finish Code Geass and Higurashi... oh no... my homeworks still incomplete..T^T


Beh Ying Ying said...

oh, and i always liked Higurashi's songs... they're alll really special... >.0

KP4 said...

lol, Ying's having a nervous breakdown ^^. Don't worry about the PMs. KP will be leaving for medical school today so KP won't have time this week with all the move it and things. And probably be busy with school work after that T_T lol. But don't worry KP will definitely keep in touch with ying always ^^.

Beh Ying Ying said...

=3 thanks! i wish you all the best for everything, KP!