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Friday, August 15, 2008

Naruto fanfic for Hani

This is requested by Hani who is suddenly obsessed with impossible Naruto pairings. so i need to clear a few things up first.
1.) i don't usually write fluffy fics.
2.) this is for Hani, not really the type of fic i would like to read though...
so, on with my fic.


Izumo winced when he noticed an Unidentified Flying Object flew from somewhere to land on Kotetsu’s head… HARD!

Kotetsu fell on the ground, the stack of books and papers fell on him.

Izumo turned around slowly to face the Fifth Hokage. The thick medical book she as holding somehow ended up beside Kotetsu’s head. “So, Kotetsu, please do repeat what you said just now…” Tsunade said from their back, with a broad smile on her face although her angry expression tells some other story.

Izumo then recalled what happened a few seconds ago.

“Curse that old lady Hokage…” Kotetsu mumbled under his breath while carrying a huge stack of books and papers…

“Oh…” Izumo thought to himself. “She’s still got good sense of hearing.”

“I… didn’t… say… any… thing…” Kotetsu spat those out under the books.
“Great!” Tsunade smiled broadly. “You can return to your job now.”

Izumo helped him out from the stacks and recollected everything quickly and vanished from the office.

They head to a research room with the things. Sakura and Shizune are doing some research on a drug. Kotetsu knocked on the door. A gentle voice from inside the room called, “Come in.” Immediately Kotetsu recognized that voice. It was no one else but the pretty and yet strong lady, Haruno Sakura.

Izumo turned the door knob and went in with Kotetsu following behind him. “Here you go, young lady.” Izumo said while putting down the books. “These are the informations you need.”

“Okay, just leave them there. Thanks!” Sakura said cheerfully, although her tone shows clearly that she is really exhausted.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Sakura?” asked Kotetsu with a worried look on his face. Sakura smiled weakly at him, “Of course I am!”

“Well, you sure sound really tired. We can help around a little here, if you want to.” Kotetsu told her softly.

“If that’s so, can you please help me search for some herbs in the books? We need to find something that can neutralize the poison.” Sakura told them and pointed out some particular characteristics of the herb she is looking for. Izumo and Kotetsu nodded silently.

Suddenly, Sakura asked them, “Are you sure you guys can help out here?”
“Sure! We don’t have any else to do.” Kotetsu said merrily.

Izumo thought to himself, “How embarrassing for him to say those in such a happy tone…”

Shizune came into the room. “Oh, Kotetsu and Izumo. You’re here! Great! I need one of you to come with me to collect some data outside. You guys can do that right, since none of you have any other things to do.”

Izumo cried inwardly. “How cruel…”

“Ah~ I don’t feel like walking around anymore after what I’ve been through just now.” Kotetsu cried while he stretched his arms. “It still hurts, you know…”

“Oh, I thought so. Haha.” Izumo mocked him.

“Come on, we need those data quickly.” Shizune forced Izumo out of the room, leaving the chuckling Sakura and Kotetsu behind.

“Okay, we better start searching for some effective herbs to work with the drug too!” Sakura said energetically.

Ten minutes later, Sakura fell asleep on the table. Kotetsu found himself staring at the now 15-year-old Sakura. She had grown in to an admirable girl in Konohagakure.
He looked around and found a cozy-looking piece of thick cloth. He covered Sakura who was sleeping peacefully with it.

Out of a whim, he caressed her hair softly. Sakura shifted a little under his touch. Kotetsu smiled to himself, “She must be really tired…” His eyes soften at the sight of that strong girl in front of him. His hands then traced down from her hair to her cheek. He then leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. But without noticing, Sakura’s eyes fluttered open and stared at him. When Kotetsu pulled back, he found the girl’s eyes staring at him.

He flushed terribly red. “Nononono… Don’t look at me like that! I don’t know what are you thinking but I’m sure it’s not what you are thinking…” He flustered and mumbled something softly. Sakura just stared at him quizzically.

Kotetsu suddenly stopped his ramblings when he noticed tears had welled up in her eyes.

“No, please don’t cry!”

“I know my forehead is big already…HIC…But you don’t have to do that…HIC” Sakura covered her face with her palms.

“Eh? Sa…Sa…Sakura, it’s not about your forehead or anything.” Kotetsu tried hard to explain everything in a way that will not hurt Sakura’s feeling. “It’s just a simple kiss on your forehead. It’s just a way to express your fondness towards someone, you know…”

“Really?” Sakura’s sobbing began to die away as she slowly lifted her face from her hands, revealing her tear stained cheeks.

“Yup.” Kotetsu then stretched out his hands and wiped away the tears from her cheek with his thumb. He once again leaned forward and this time, he kissed Sakura on the cheek.

Sakura stared blankly at him when he backed away from her. “And what was that for?” she asked innocently.

“Now, THAT is to show that you like that someone.” Kotetsu stared deeply into her eyes and spoke softly, “I like you”

Sakura blushed heavily and looked away from his eyes. Just then, the room’s door opened with a loud BANG!

“Sakura-chan, it’s getting late now! So I thought you might be hungry, so I bought you some … Eh? What’s going on here?” Naruto, who had just charged into the room with a bag of sandwiches, stared idiotically at the two in the room.

They went back to their original position in a flash where Kotetsu was seating at the opposite of Sakura, both scanning through the books absent-mindedly.

“Oh, Naruto! You came right in time! I’m starting to feel a little hungry. How about you?” Sakura turned to Kotetsu who was still blushing a little. “You like sandwiches don’t you? I like sandwiches too!” Sakura finished her sentence with a wink.

“I think I can take that as a hint all right…” Kotetsu thought to himself.

“Che… Fine! I’ll give Kotetsu my share.” Naruto grumbled at the table, unpacking the sandwiches while Sakura and Kotetsu smiled at each other.

Hani wanted me to write another fic... so i gotta think of an idea quick... >.>hope you like it...though it may contain a whole lot of grammar and spelling errors... but i'm too lazy to recheck and i really gotta go get some sleep now.
BTW, Hani...it's not yet past 12.00 so i still finished it in time.


Hani said...

instead of sandwiches, you can put ramen, y'know....
naruto ALWAYS goes everywhere with his beloved ramen...

Beh Ying Ying said...

i typed ramen at first...but i thought that it'll be weird if he bungkus ramen...

Hani said...

........instant ramen in a cup?

Beh Ying Ying said...

never thought of that..... >.>