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Thursday, August 21, 2008

4th sig

i just came back from Penang... *sigh* i really hate travelling...

anyways, i just made my 4th sig just now...


XD Yamamoto Takeshi again...XDDD
any comments? just tell me...
(no one really commented on them anyways... sigh...)


KP4 said...

Wow you did a really good job Ying. You blended the render in really well with the background. Ying's really improving. The background is really well done too. It's hard to tell which brushes you used. KP better watch it T_T lol.

KP4 said...

Where is Ying getting her renders from. Here are two sites I used to use before animerender

of course photobucket -_-' lol.


You have to register but after that you can get the renders (it's not like animerender where you need to reginster and have a certain amount of posts. O and when you click on the small icons they will get bigger (but it will still have a black background) so you have to click in that bigger picture again and then it will open up the actual render with the actual size. You'll know what i mean once you go there.

Beh Ying Ying said...

thanks KP! but still, it's all thanks to KP for helping me a whole lot on these... =3

XD it's not really a render XDD i used the picture from thelatest ending song --> Cycle...
http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii88/ fullbustergray/yamamotogokudera.jpg
(without space)

i haven't really tried to make any with the renders although i already have quite a number of them in my com...XD
PS- i mix almost all the brushes i have XD

KP4 said...

Don't worry about it ^^. KP will always try his best to help ying. KP has to since it's Ying ^^.

The picture is taken down T^T. Stupid potobucket >_> lol.

lol, let me know when you make one with a render ^^. Actually let me know any new siggys Ying makes. KP wants to see them all ^^ lol.

lol, i do kind of the same except i have too many brushes T_T lol. So i have certain brushes that i always use and mix those together ^^.

Beh Ying Ying said...

mou... not fair...T^T what happened to photobucket???

i will let KP know when i use renders! >.0 and i will post all my sigs here! =3

that's a good idea.. maybe i should keep them and use the brushes when i need them. the sets seems to be everywhere in the brush window..XD