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Sunday, October 5, 2008


A miracle happened just now!!! *tears of joy flowing out!!!*
Youtube videos worked!!!~ although it pause after 20 seconds of play and i have to start from other sections... i have no idea how to say that but to sum it up, It worked but not perfectly...

Opening 5 : Last Cross By Masami Mitsuoka 光岡昌美
Ending 9 : すべり台 - Suberidai (Slide) By Tsubasa Mori 森翼

I got this information from Hui Shan's blog...Thank you!!! or else i wouldn't know that there's a new Opening and Ending song for KHR...>.>

the opening goes:
"nee, futari de chikatte hino"
then *poof* IT STOPPED!!! i have to start from some other part of the song... then it stopped again and i have to repeat the same thing over and over and over again...

but *fangirl mode* KYAAA!!! Yamamoto looks so cool!!!
(o.44-0.50) Yamamoto vs Genkishi
(2.07-2.11) Yamamoto playing baseball...

Wai~ so cool!!!

The opening i don't really know whether it will sound better if i can play the whole thing one-shot... but it's really nice though (although i stil like 88 and Boys & Girls better) i want to download it... but this computer of mine managed only to save 10 seconds of it and then *DOWNLOADING ERROR* mou... not fair... Hani, i want your line... =.=
i want the lyrics too... i can't find them anywhere just yet... >.>

The opening video is really cool! it shows a lot of spoiler though...(kekeke, i'm glad i've read the manga already... XP) anyways, it shows all the main Millefiore members (e.g. Spanner, Iris, GingerBread, Uni, Byakuran, etc...) and their battles with Vongola (Baishana vs Ryohei, Gokudera vs Gamma and Genkishi vs Yamamoto) and also one small part whereby Hibari released his hedgehog which propagates rapidly.
oh ya, and also (1.16-1.19) Uni appears in the opening... i guess her powers will be revealed quite soon... and btw, Lal looks really sad there...

the ending... lol... it's a funny one... it begins with Tsuna and Reborn... Reborn took his pic but he doesn't want to. (he got a kick from Reborn XD) then it proceeds to nerdy Gokudera, then Yamamoto, Ryohei (EXTREME), Chrome (and Ken+Chikusa), then Mukuro and finally... Hibari...
well, it's an ALMOST in Hibari's case... it's hilarious...---> (2.26-2.30)
then it goes to Haru and Kyoko and then they group photos..

there might be some mistakes though... i just watch them in a jumbled mode so don't be mad if i had made any mistakes in them...

And crap!! i want this internet connection to be perfect...i can't watch any videos properly... after my exam,i'm SOOO gonna call TM.Net for that...

PS- i wanna listen to Musician... although i can play it on the pian right now,i'm not sure whether i'm singing it right or wrong...>.>

and to Hui Shan, don't get mad because i use the same video with the one you posted in your blog ya... >.0
and also, i will not be onlining until after exam... (wondering will anyone care about that *sigh*)

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