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Sunday, November 2, 2008

♥KHR seiyuu♥

well... i went hunting for more KHR seiyuu pics everywhere... went for Yahoo! search and found Neeko's blog! =3
i posted some of the pictures i got from Neeko's blog...

Reborn Neeko and Tsuna Yukari Kokubun

those two seems to be really close to each other..=3
Neeko and Kokubun are pretty aren't they... ♥♥♥

Reborn Neeko and MukuroToshinobu Iida

Reborn Neeko and Yamamoto Suguru Inoue!♥♥♥

Reborn Neeko and Gokudera Hidekazu Ichinose! lol! 25 and 59...XD

I think it's Tsuna Kokubun, Reborn Neeko and Kyoko Yuuna Inamura...

Tsuna Kokubun, Reborn Neeko and Yamamoto Inoue...

group photos...

that's Gokudera Ichinose on the left right? and Tsuna Kokubun, RebornNeeko and Yamamoto Inoue...

Hibari Takashi Kondo is the one standing on the left most...

Reborn Neeko, Gokudera Ichinose, Yamamoto Inoue and Tsuna Kokubun! this one is really cute! XD

Mukuro Iida... i don't know who's that in the middle and Hibari Takashi Kondo are standing behind Tsuna Kokubun and Reborn Neeko...

@.@ i dunno who is who now... too many!!! @.@
Reborn Neeko!

Lol! Neeko version Lollita! Pretty desu~

Yamamoto Inoue!

♥♥♥ Inoue!!! ♥♥♥

these are some pics i got from Live Journal... sth... click here for the site... =3

It's Takashi Kondo!

Neeko's pose is somehow....=.='''

Hidekazu Ichinose, Suguru Inoue, Neeko and Yukari Kokubun!

some pics i got from Neeko's official blog!
right clicking is disabled there, so it's not good to 'steal' from there...XD i only stole a few though... =D

o.O the casts in traditional clothes! very rare!!!

lol... i love these pics!♥♥♥

Bleach Season II is already on TV3 at 1 P.M every Saturday in Malaysia!!!!!
Wee! i'm so gonna watch it! =3 (although it's kinda slow... =.= They don't know Aizen's true identity yet!!!)




arfoon said...

your blog is AWESOME!! >0<
I'm a big fan of KHR.. I really love the Pics.. ARIGATOOO~ X3

-ying- said...

^O^~ do itashimashite~~~

Anonymous said...

It s Xanxus s seyu in 18th pic...isn t it?

Hoshina Yuna said...

In that 18th picture it is Yuuki Fujiwara: Belphegor's Seiyuu.

This shows you guys didnt watch Rebocon