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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another FanFic

this Fic is requested by Hani quite long ago... i don't have any idea up till now... so, this is an Hibari X Gokudera 1859 pairing...
=.=''' i don't really like the male male pairing... I like Spring Rain YamaHaru better! so, on with the fic!


Grey italics for (Tsuna's) thoughts. (the italics are not as obvious as the italics in FF...=.=)
Title: Nicknames

“Juudaime!” Gokudera cheered happily from the back. Tsuna stopped in his tracks and turned around to find Gokudera rushing happily to catch up with him.

“Oh, Gokudera…” Tsuna replied shortly with an exhausted expression. He just finished training with Lal Mirch and was heading to the dining room for dinner. Gokudera instantaneously noticed that Tsuna was exhausted.

“Juudaime, that lady must have trained the hell out off you! Dammit!!! And I’m not there with juudaime! I’m not fit to be your right hand man!” Gokudera blurted out in a melancholic tone. Tsuna thought to himself,
That’s a quick change of mood in him…

Immediately he kneeled down and in front of Tsuna. “Hiii! G-Gokudera-kun!” Tsuna panicked and tried to pull him up. But he insisted to stay on his knees. “Juudaime! Forgive me! I can’t fulfill my duty as your right hand man!”

Aaaa~ what to do??? What to say??? Tsuna panicked internally as Gokudera continued to ramble that everything was his fault. “C-c-calm down Gokudera… I-it’s alright! It wasn’t your fault at all… It was just a part of the training so I don’t mind! And also, Gokudera was also training, right?” Tsuna was trying his best to cheer him up a little. However, Gokudera got even more depressed.

“I skipped today’s training and did something else…” Gokudera mumbled, lowering his head to avoid eye contact with Tsuna.
Hiiie! He’s even more depressed!

“Yo! Tsuna! Gokudera!” Yamamoto walked towards them, greeting them cheerfully as usual. “Yamamoto!” Tsuna exclaimed happily.
I’m glad he came… I don’t know what else to do anymore…

“Ah, Gokudera. Why are you on your knees with that depressed expression?” Yamamoto asked innocently. Tsuna was trying to tell Yamamoto not to mention anything about that by shaking his head, but Yamamoto didn’t notice. “How’s your training?” Yamamoto asked with a big grin in his face.

In contrast, Gokudera got even more depressed. Tsuna didn’t know how to react to the situation.
No good! Yamamoto made everything worse!

“Oh, looks like it didn’t go too well, eh? Ahahaha~” Yamamoto laughed.

Suddenly, Gokudera snapped. “WHAT DO YOU KNOW? YAKYUU BAKA! ~” He stood up to stand face to face with that mentioned Baseball Nut.

“Ah, Gokudera no need to get all heated up just because the training didn’t go too well…” Yamamoto said with a small panicky grin. Tsuna stood quietly beside the two guardians and sweat dropped.
Somehow, Yamamoto managed to bring the usual Gokudera back…


A loud sound echoed around the corridor. Yamamoto and Gokudera turned to Tsuna who blushed a little. Tsuna held his stomach as if trying to silence it while scratching the back of his head with another hand. “Ah… Let’s go eat something now!”

“Gyahahaha! Lambo wants to play!” Lambo announced as he made his appearance in the corridor after a turn. He reached to pull on the hem of Tsuna’s shirt. “Don’t you wanna play with me, Tsuna?”

“Oy, ahou shi! Nobody wants to play with you! Now get lost!” Gokudera shouted at Lambo and pulled him away from Tsuna. He intended to just throw Lambo away when Haru came and hugged Lambo protectively. Lambo threw his arms around Haru and complained, “Uwaa! Gokudera shouted at me!!!” and then he started crying.

“You shouldn’t shout at Lambo! He’s just a kid!” Haru said while trying to soothe the crying Lambo.

“Like I care! The stupid cow deserves it! And only you can stand that annoying guy, BAKA ONNA!!!”

“I’m not baka onna!!!”

The quarrel went on and Tsuna sweat dropped again.
Yup, Gokudera is no longer depressed anymore…

“Ahahaha! ~” a carefree laugh was heard and immediately Gokudera recognized it. “What are you laughing at, YAKYUU BAKA?!”

“Haha! I just noticed that you like to call people by nicknames!” A grin was glued on Yamamoto’s face like usual.

“Che… it’s because they fit the nicknames perfectly” Gokudera grumbled.

“What do you mean by that!? Haru felt insulted! I’m not a so-called baka onna!”


Tsuna was chuckling to himself; thinking to himself about what Yamamoto said was so true!
He called Yamamoto as the yakyuu baka. Haru, baka onna. Lambo, ahou shi. Hmm…me… Tsuna’s sighed to himself. Juudaime for me… hmm… Reborn… Reborn wouldn’t like to be called as anything other than his name… Bianchi… he had had enough of the poison cooking… Kyoko… neh, Gokudera seldom speak to her. Hibari… Hibari… what did Gokudera call Hibari???
“Eto… Gokudera, what nickname do you have for Hibari?”


An awkward silence lasted for a few seconds. Gokudera finally replied to his question, “Why the sudden question, Juudaime?”

“Eh… I… I was just wondering... You have nicknames for almost everyone. So, I was curious about what nickname do you have for Hibari?”

“…” Once again, Gokudera didn’t reply.

“Yeah, I’m curious about it too!” said Yamamoto.

Lambo had stopped crying and started poking Gokudera with his small fingers, most probably trying to annoy him. “Yeah, Lambo-san is curious too!” Amazingly, Gokudera was not annoyed at all. He was mumbling something incoherently. “B-b-b…”

“Tsuna-san, let’s just ignore him. He will call everyone by cruel nicknames…”

“BASTARD!” Gokudera blurted out.

“Hahii! Did you just call me THAT?”

“BASTARD! YEAH! I call Hibari by that nickname!” Gokudera blurted out again and ran away.

“G-Gokudera!!!” Tsuna exclaimed as Gokudera instantly disappeared from their sight.
He’s overreacting!

“Ahahaha! ~ He did have a nick for Hibari!”

[to be continued]


Just in case you don't understand...
Ahou Shii: Stupid cow.
Baka Onna: Stupid lady.
Juudaime: Tenth.
Yakyuu Baka: Baseball Nut.

oh ya... and let's just skip those '...-chan', '...-san', '...-kun' etc... i often get confused by those... so troublesome! (XD)

The first part of the fic... To be continued... =D I'm getting tired of typing... actually i typed this fic last night and for some reason, Microsoft Words closed suddenly and the document cannot be recovered! ./O_O\ Aaaa~ and so i typed the whole thing again this morning... and Kora! the first part of it!

Hani, I'm just too lazy to post it in FF... you can post it under your account, i don't mind... it's just too troublesome... (XD) oh ya, and also, please correct it if there's any grammar/spelling error...



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