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Sunday, December 7, 2008

K-drama + wallpaper

Hohoho~ you won't believe what i will post next! i actually liked a K-drama!!!

Wanted: Son in Law aka Why Did You Come To My House

it really cracks me up... at least the first few episodes... but usually, K-dramas tends to get boring as the story progress... =.='''
it's recently aired on 8TV in Malaysia at 7pm during the weekdays! gah... i will have a hard time switching channels when i'm watching Naruto/Detective Conan on TV at the same time of that drama... XD

this guy, Kim Ji Hoon is the main character of that show...

actually, he is the person i first saw in this movie... and... i thought i saw the seiyuu of Yamamoto, Inoue Suguru! ahahaha~

at some angles in the drama, Kim looks a lot like Suguru! or was it just me seeing Suguru in everything? *thinking hard* lol, anyways... i think it's just me...XD

but typical for K-dramas, the OSTs are really nice! =D


recently, i'm working on a Tsubasa Chronicle's wallpaper...



this is the early version with 2 sizes... i'll work on it more to make it look better! =3 so, any comments for now???



JeSsIcA said...

it's nice.... haha
btw. wad's with two sizes??

oh yarh
is the drama nice? i just finish watching corner with love and planning to start on a new drama soon. haha.

Beh Ying Ying said...

erm... it's because some computer screen are larger and some are smaller... and if the picture stretch too much it'll look awfull sometimes...

haha, i like this drama better than any other drama loh for now... it's damn funny! XD

JeSsIcA said...

oh.. haha..
kk. guess this drama will be next on my list.. haha