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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My seiyuu obsession again!!!! Kora!

D= i just came back from Kuala Lumpur! gah... it's darn tiring... and btw, my brother just came back from Australia! XD and he'll be here for about 1-2 months... lol...

hohoho!~ i went hunting for some KHR seiyuu's pics again! XD and this time i got some from Live Journal! eto... i forgot to save the link... oh well... some pics from there! =3

Reborn Neeko

Gokudera Ichinose Hidekazu

Yamamoto Inoue Suguru
look at him! he's wearing a Reborn! T-shirt and the Vongola Ring of Rain! X3

Hibari Kondo Takashi

Mukuro Iida Toshinobu

and guess what! i can watch videos and download songs and etc already! because i use my sister's laptop! >.> something is seriously wrong with my com! GYAA!!!

anyways, i watched Rebocon videos at youtube and these are my favourites!!!

Rebocon 2/20
some introductions and then, Sakura Saku by Mukuro Iida Toshinobu and Hibari Kondo Takashi! lol, Kondo is totally different from Hibari! XD he's actually friendly!!!


Rebocon 3/20
Friend by Haru Yoshida Hitomi and Kyoko Inamura Yuuna! =3 and also little parts of Reborn Neeko, Colonnello Daisuke Nakamura, Lambo Takeuchi Junko and I-Pin Chan Li Mei!
AND!!! i especially like the last part of this video!!! =3 Takeuchi Junko threw her coat or something don't-know-what-it's-called... yea, Takeuchi threw her coat to Nakamura! o.o so cute! XD


Rebocon 4/20
I-Pin Chan Li Mei and Lambo Takeuchi Junko singing a cute song! X3 and YAMAMOTO Inoue Suguru and Gokudera Ichinose Hidekazu singing Oretachi no Joy! =3

after watching the videos, i'm starting to like Colonnello Daisuke Nakamura, Lambo Takeuchi Junko and Hibari Kondo Takashi who i don't really like in the first place... =3

Daisuke Nakamura! he looks different from the video with his hair in this colour here!

Takeuchi Junko! I feel like pinching here and bring her back to my house! she's too adorable! X3

Kondo Takashi! XD he's smiling and that's good! =D
btw, he reminds me of that Hiro Nakamura from Heroes... somehow... and also... he's a little too short! >.>

try watching this one! it's really funny!
somewhere near the first 20 second or something, Lussuria Yuzawa Koichi is also in Rebocon you see! but as the Official Cameraman or something i guess! i pity him... really... but for some reason i still cant stop laughing... >.>

around 0.25 - 0.58, there's Daisuke Nakamura!!! X3 so cute!!!
and also... somewhere around 3.30, "KAMI KOROSU YO!~" and everyone started laughing! XD

P.S.-this is supposed to be posted yesterday... but for some reason my computer got jammed!!! grr... must be some virus of some sort! gah!~

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