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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mafia Boss!

I'm the mafia boss!!!!

... although i wanted to say that... i'm just a soldier at my family there... =.='''

anyways, try playing The Mafia Boss! it's a nice one! (although Hani prefers Torn City...) i'm kinda obsessed with that game now! and i mean The Mafia Boss...

my mafia name there is yuni... wanna know why i put yuni?i was thinking about Uni from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! when i need to come up with a name... *grins*

yup!~ nothing interesting to post... ah~ there's something i had done today... a very stupid... no... an EXTREMELY stupid something...

i turn on my laptop this afternoon, and after about 20 minutes, my computer automatically shut down!!! !@#$%^&* i restarted about 6 times and it only lasts for less than 5 seconds!!! !@#$%^&* again!!!

i thought it was over-heated again... but no... and then, i thought it's because of some weird virus... since mine is already terribly infected... *sigh* T^T


i suddenly thought of something that may cause my laptop to shut down... i went and check the plug... it was not switched on... O_O


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ringo-juice said...

ahha lol!! that happened to me too