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Friday, December 12, 2008

non-anime/manga related post

gah! yesterday went to Ipoh... i'm exhausted to the extreme!!~ cause all the while, i hate travelling... PLUS! i just came back from KL few days ago... what the heck?

anyways, at Ipoh, my family visited some orchid expo or things of that sort...

some pics i took...

click on the pics to view the album! =3

and Hani, i got something from there for ya! =3

i went to watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still" yesterday! i thought it would be nice! but in the cinema, it was ranked third! after Transporter 3 and Twilight! i thought to myself, "Geh?! THIRD???"... but it really is not that nice after all... =.=''' the ending is not as nice as expected...
and btw, i heard someone saying, "I still think the Chinese movies are WAY better than English movies." in Chinese... come on! maybe this movie is not one of the top rated! but i still think English movies are not as bad as what you said there, little girl! it's just because you don't understand the whole thing... yea... i'm complaining about a little girl... Pathetic eh...XD

yup! the end! short lame one... working on something right now! =3


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