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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nicknames [part II]

the part II of the fic: Nicknames... for part I, please read this post... Aaa~ btw, please not that it's PART II... NOT chapter II. It's supposed to be a long one-shot... =3 but i can't type something long enough for that at once... >.> so, on with the fic... for Hani! =3

grey italics for thoughts.

Title: Nicknames

Gokudera sat on his bed holding his head which stared blankly at his feet in frustration. He didn't even bother to turn on the lights and stayed quietly in the pitch black room, lost deeply in his own thoughts.

CRAP! what do I usually call that guy...? Gah! He knocked his head a few times with his knuckles. I just call him by his name, Hibari... Wait! Why am I worrying about this small matter anyway! i still have to figure out how to work the Sistema C.A.I. No! I ALWAYS call people with nicknames. So why did I NOT call him by any?

After some time fretting over his own thoughts, Gokudera finally decided that he's better off figuring Sistema C.A.I. out and so, he headed to the library. However, he met the one who he had been thinking of not long before that, Hibari Kyoya. Great! Just when I decided to drop it...

"Hmm... Hayato...? " Hibari's cold eyes met his but suddenly his eyes were more interested in his feet.(1) Argh! I can't look into his eyes... What do I do... no... WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I CALL HIM?! ... Wait... Did he just call me by my name? So many thoughts cluttered his head just because he met Hibari. Hibari winced and continued to speak monotonously. "Gokudera... Hayato..."

Oh, he's not calling me ONLY by my name... But my full name... No! What was I expecting?! A long silence fell by and Hibari, who was probably a little bored, yawned and walked past him coldly. The sound of his footsteps echoed around the corridor.

"WHATTHEHECKAREYOUDOINGHERE?!" Gokudera blurted out in a loud voice. It managed to stop Hibari in his tracks. "I said, what the heck are you doing here? Answer me, you... B... B-bastard!" He turned around just to see Hibari's back. What was I thinking??? I shouldn't try to make him stay!!! AND I CALLED HIM BASTARD! I will surely be bitten to death... Gokudera struggled internally.

Hibari turned around slowly to reveal a dark expression. "What did you say?" He raised his tonfa slowly.

CRAP! I didn't notice the tonfas!!! And the future Hibari is even scarier... He might be even scarier than my sister... "Err... I said, what the heck are you doing here?" those words were repeated for the third time and this time, was with a softer tone. I'm so helpless against the future Hibari... I'm SOOO pathetic!!!

Hibari lowered his tonfas. "Hmm... I just finished training that herbivore..." He stared coldly into Gokudera's eyes. "And now you are a herbivore too." And he left Gokudera in confusion, trying to figure out what he actually meant by his last statement. He stole a glance of Gokudera with the corner of his eye and smirked.

What the hell did he mean?! Then, he shook his head violently, trying to shake the thoughts out of his head. I must not worry about anything like that!!! He made his way to the lift that will bring him to the library, which was opposite the way Hibari went. He reached his destination after a short distance of walk. He pressed the button and waited for the lift. He stared at the direction where he met Hibari who was no longer there.

Unconsciously, he started running toward where Hibari had headed to. A "ping"(2) sounded, signifying the lift had arrived but he ignored it as he picked up his pace. When he finally caught up with him, he stopped running and smiled to himself. Just hope that it'll work!

He inhaled slowly and called him, loudly. "OY, BASTARD!"

[to be continued]

(1) Hibari's cold eyes met his but suddenly his eyes were more interested in his feet.
... it means that he's staring at his feet! I’m quite sure that what i typed here doesn't turn out right... >.>

(2) "Ping"
Not to be confused with Ping Ping! XD

Kora! 2nd part of the fic! wee! a cliffhanger!!! =3
oh, and btw, I’m not sure the scene here is 100% similar to the manga/anime... just ignore it if it doesn't ya... >.0
and i think Gokudera is a little OOC... let's just ignore that too! ^^;


so what do you think? >.0



ringo-juice said...

ahha now that i think of it.. gokudera rarely calls hibari with anything.. can't wait to read the next part yeah XD

-ying- said...

XD i thought of that idea when i re-read the manga and noticed that! XD

Anonymous said...

Omg when are you going to continue this? It's so awesome! Xd