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Thursday, December 4, 2008


well, this post will be kinda random... lol...
by the way, i'm kinda back to seiyuu's images hunting... XD

you know this beauty?

this is Omigawa Chiaki (小見川 千明) who voices Maka Alban in Soul Eater...

this is her first time voicing a character... and she totally ruined it! her voice is totally M.O.N.O.T.O.N.O.U.S.!!! it's exceptable when it comes to normal talking lalala~ but Soul Eater is an action anime and she is the lead seiyuu! come on! you need to shout with more strength in it! *bangs my head* she's just like talking with an exagerated "aaaaaa~" instead of "HIYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!~" or something like that...

i don't really care if she is a rookie in voice acting, but she really is too monotonous for this! she's young, she's pretty but monotonous! come on! even Takahira Narumi who is also first debut as a voice actress (voices Patricia Thompson aka Patty in Soul Eater) is better than her... PLUS they are of the same age... (there's a lot of rookie seiyuu in Soul Eater o.O) so there's no doubt that Omigawa Chiaki needs to put in more effort...=.='''
something i took from Wikipedia:

Chiaki Omigawa (小見川 千明), born November 11, 1989 in Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese actress and voice actress. She became a voice actress after debuting with her role in Soul Eater.

Omigawa Chiaki(Maka Alban) and Uchiyama Koki(Soul Evans)

Maka Alban

Soul Evans

also from Wikipedia:

Kōki Uchiyama (内山 昂輝) (August 16, 1990 - ) is a Japanese actor and seiyū from Saitama Prefecture. He is currently affiliated with Gekidan Himawari. His blood type is A.

Uchiyama is a senior high school student as of 2008. He mainly voices over young males, such as in the Kingdom Hearts series. As a seiyū, he rarely makes public appearances in the media. He is best known for his roles in Soul Eater as Soul Eater Evans and Kingdom Hearts II as Roxas.

a random picture i found in a manga and editted it... and TADAA!

Kekkaishi, connecting people! XD

=.= just in case you don't get it, those 2 hands resemble the Nokia logo... and so, i put in the Nokia's motto or something of that sort... "Nokia, connecting people"..

get it? XD


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