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Monday, December 1, 2008

top 10 characters!

1 second... is all it takes to fall in love! =3
lol, that's a line i stole from Sepet... now, Hani is totally obsessed with that movie... =.='''

anyways, i fell in love a whole lot of times! =3 the anime characters that stole my heart! *blush*
lol, here's my top 10 anime characters!


YAMAMOTO TAKESHI!!! from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

i don't know why i fell in love with him in the first place... lol.. it was his first appearance there and i fell for him! =3 then, i learned that he is a swordsman! i have been obsessed with swords for a long time already...
and then, he made me laugh with his attitude... "This looks fun!", "Toys nowadays are so well made!", "ahahaha~" and he changed into the serious mode...COOLNESS!!!
and he's a guardian of rain! *ahem* (i kinda have an obsession for water-realated element like water and ice...)


number 2:

Hiruma Yoichi from Eyeshield 21

He is my favourite character in Eyeshield 21 since i started reading it! the way he used to get Sena's number in the first place, is hilarious! an his brains... i want his devil book! and Cerberus!
but just don't point me with those firearms... lol, he's totally E.V.I.L.!!!


number 3:

Sumimura Yoshimori from Kekkaishi

his childishness, make me laugh in the first place... and then, it pisses me off for a second and he slowly matured... =3 i like his recklessness though...XD and also his passion for making cakes! XD i want some!!!
and he sleeps at school...almost all the times! XD you're my idol!
i love his facial expressions... they are always exaggerated... XD extremely exagerrated!


number 4:

Hitsugaya Toushiro from Bleach

his definitely the coolest in Bleach! youngest taichou! come on! at this age, i'm only schooling and watching animes and reading mangas...XP
he's a shorty though, lol... but his hair, his eyes... total coolness! XD
and his cool power!! i tell ya, his Bankai is the a beautiful thing! damn cool!!! and the sword! it's really cool!
(note! the 'cool' here can also be a pun since his power is realated to ice)


number 5:

Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

gah! his definitely a shrimp in the early arcs! but since he fought with Mukuro in Hyper Mode, he started to become really cool! =3 then you can see his powers getting stronger... he's becoming really matured now, you know! i still remember the times when he runs around like a crazy guy in Dying Will Mode... "RE-BORN!!~ I WILL [insert something he needs to do here] AS IF I WERE TO DIE!!!" *he then runs around with his... boxers...* =.=''' sooooooo much difference!!!

number 6:

Soul Evans from Soul Eater

btw, Evans is his last name right? anyway, that guy who sometimes tried to hard to be cool can be really cool! dude, when he smiles! it will make me smile too!!~
and he's really understanding! she knows when to talk and when not to! =3
and his scythe form is really cool! XD (there goes my sword obsession...)

number 7:

Ueki Kosuke from Ueki no Housoku

...erm... it's not right to say this... but it's his simple-minded-ness... okay, stupidity...his stupidity when it comes to saving the others... i like that... the justice in him is top notch! good choice there, Koba-sen! lol
and when he uses Raika, it's really cool! XD (Chien Yee agreed with that!)

number 8:

Kazuki Jumonji from Eyeshield 21

haha! he's a totaly delinquent! but he got quite a good brain for that.... XD that is compared to most of the Deimon Devil Bats idiots like Monta, Toganou, Kuroki, Taki etc....
PLUS! he's the first lineman in Deimon Devil Bats who scored a touchdown, right?
actually... i don't really know why i like him... XD love is sometimes blind, eh?

number 9:

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

... his eyes is the only thing that makes me like him a whole lot more than the other characters in Fairy Tail... XD but also not forgetting he always make me laugh!!! he just strips off without even knowing he did it... lol
AND PLUS!!!! his power is related to I.C.E!!! kyahaha, that's the main reason after all...
and this also explains my username. 'fullbustergray'... *ahem* i actually typed "Gray Fullbustergray" in the first place... haha... got to used to typing that....XD

number 10:

Yukimura Tokine from Kekkaishi

she's a lot different from most of the girls in shonen series! she doesn't need any guys to rescue him from anything! in fact, in Kekkaishi, it was Tokine who always save the extremely reckless Yoshimori...
"I may be the weakest Kekkaishi, but I am also the most ruthless one," Tokine once said... and the she started attacking the enemy who just said she was weak... XD so cool!
and her fear for cockroaches cracks me up!!

lol, that's my top 10! it may change in a short time though... cause i still remember months ago, before i started watching Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, i have Hitsugaya at the top... and then Hiruma... and then Gray... gah~ i forgot the sequence... but anyway... that's that... but i assure you... Yamamoto will stay at the top for a freaking long time! a whole lot longer than any other characters... lol, make sure you are ready to handle my fan-girl mode when there's some new chapter on Yamamoto's battle or something! =3

and there's no similarity you can actually find from the characters... some people will like maybe delinquent characters like Hani... and also people who like black-haired characters... etc... mine... have no similarities at all!

lalala~ i know, there's ONLY 1 female in the list... come on, how can i bear watching all the girls in shonen series go "Kyaa! help me! rescue me!!! [insert the male main character's name] SAVE ME!!!" *roll eyes* come on!!! there can be more plot! there's no need for a female to get kidnapped by the evils or something like that....

... well, it's not that i mean ALL the girls there are like that... just MOST of them... ahahaha~ but one is enough to annoy me... but phew! it's a relief that the girls in Kekkaishi are WAY better than the girls in other series... at least the girls there are strong MAX!


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